Maximize your genetic potential

It is  a very limiting belief that you should not proceed in your field of interest because of the genetic superpowers other people seem to have. Those people have been through hardships in order to cultivate their seemingly supernatural abilities. They sure have some kind of flair or talent in what they do, but they have also been though the process of discovering that and cultivating it to the maximum.

A story that can maybe help you in understanding the concepts better:

Do not give up on what you love to do, because other people are better at it. Instead of growing angry and envy towards them you can pick their brains. Find a way to learn from them and to please them when you are near. Because you are in the same field of interest, it can become competitive between you two. You need to find a way to create a mentor-pupil relationship instead of a competitive relationship.

Nowadays, we tend to make a competition out of everything! But in order for us to thrive as a collective species, we need to be capable of showing compassion to the ones that are less evolved. Instead of seeing them as small fish in a gigantic ocean of monsters, we need to help them in growing stronger.

This game is not always about winning, but more about seeing what you are capable of reaching. It is your responsibility to share your gift to others and to become the best you can be. Embracing the journey instead of focusing upon the end-result will make it so much more fun for you to develop yourself.

Besides that, you do not know what is dormant in your genetics. Only by going beyond your limits and your comfort zones can you really get to know that what has always been their.

This path of yours is not easy , but my mission is to support you in what I have already encountered so far during my own path to mastery.

Stay strong and healthy

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