Modernisation is our echoed distress of laziness

A lazy person is not only psychically inert to execute enough force to remove him- or herself from the designated posture destroyers we have in ‘modern’ society, but they most of all lack the ability to concentrate their mind upon what they truly desire.

What they desire cannot possibly be the emanating thought of self. The thought of self is intrinsically motivated by compassion, benevolence and creativity, rather then fear, laziness and greed since the greater. Self with a capital S is inclusive in the recognition of the otherness of others as an extension of self in all its facets. Modernisation has caused us to live in a matrix of delegated potentials. The potential to be healthy, strong, psychic, fruitful, and energetically high is manipulated and mirrored in our technologies to substitute what is already there to begin with. Technology is like a distant star of our own potential.

Bright and in our mimsy night, does technology set us aside?

Does it divide and makes us blind?

Or will it make us unite despite the shortsighted light we’ve shed upon how we might?

In our cages of cement, wires and wires, blended in our fields, can we never see that what self demands.

A technological evolution without a philosophical contribution, will cease to breathe its first breath.

Dangled with dread, do we dwell in our death?

Or seek darkness in light, and cause it to dim its dazzling bright.

An apathetic world has been born



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