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In today’s retirement I would like to guide you through the following ‘house of your life’ theory. It is a theory in the sense that the concept could be useless in practical daily/modern life depending on your living situations. However, I made this diagram in Visio a while back ago to illustrate a way to build a quality and sustainable life. In many ways the house idea is ‘stolen’ from the Kaizen Lean philosophy in trying to build an effective and efficient organization. Many concepts can off course also be integrated into house-holding, bodywork/holistic healing, society etc. So I took my spin with that already existing concept and made it a little my own and perhaps innovating/tweaking it here and there a little. However, the idea of using a house as a metaphor is pretty obvious so..

Housing of your life

Generally speaking, I think, the assumption can be made that not everyone sees themselves as a whole entity to be taken care of. However, I would argue that in the sphere of sentient life and in the practice of conscious living, complete individualism (or read ‘splitting away’ from a whole) is rare and when it occurs, there can always be this sense of coming and going from those you feel at home with. Like a water delta springing back and forth, after returning to the ocean. I would say that most of us are not having the fundamentals in order to build their ‘pyramid/house/ship/whatever of life’. The world is suffering from physical dis-ease, emotional despair, mental illness and spiritual bankruptcy and we lack the social communities with ‘ritual’ elders who know how to initiate the young into maturity and to top it off, are our systems of energy based around parasitic paradigms.

Without taking care of our most primal survival needs, we fail in fulfilling our higher potentials. Sadly to say, this, I think, is our current condition.

What this worlds needs more then ever is a world vision, that isn’t nation or tribal based. Call me an Utopian, but I am trying to promoting the sense of oneness in a way that we can co-exist as a whole. We have all the tools in our disposal, but need to get moving in order to execute them. Nikola Tesla introduced us with methods of ‘free’ energy, cryptocurrency holds the potential of solving our economic rots, salt water conversion can help us in providing fresh drinking water.

What we lack of the most are not the solutions, but simply the energy to steward them into the right direction. Having a vision is the first step, executing it with loyalty, focus, discipline and faith is the next. Robert Moore calls this type of energy mature warrior masculinity. This is a great article that deepens this important concept in today’s age, since most of our problems originate from the dysfunctional shadow types of the warrior archetype:

The Four Archetypes of the Mature Masculine: The Warrior

In order to redeem a chaotic world, I think, we need to first learn how to be a warrior again in the true meaning of that word. The warrior that helps us in building our fundamentals from physical to spiritual, from economical to communal and protect those who are ‘weaker’ so to say.

My aspiration is that this simple non-profit blog could help to steward this vision of finding the right relationship to deal with the diversity there exist within an already complex world to navigate in. 

What are your thoughts on the matter at hand? 

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