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This is a very tricky topic, since the question immediately arises what our nature really is. If people say that it is not in their nature to do such or such, we understand what they are saying on a subterranean level. Going against your nature takes effort rather than grace, and the journey is often not that enjoyable. Ones ‘inner nature’ can also be replaced by essence or authentic self. All words for the same thing really, and many of us will understand this on a deeper level or probably sooner on a feeling level. This is due the reasons that ‘higher truths’ can be easy to understand emotionally rather then intellectually. Here one can say that, for example, a truth like that of ‘Agape’ or ‘unconditional love’ is easier to be experienced and felt than that it is understood as the so called Logos or absolute truth can be understood. Perhaps the individuals and groups that were able to leave magnificent pyramids all around the globe understood certain ‘lost’ truths deeply enough that they were able to leave some hints for us to explore. So why is it that many do understand this, but are not living it? Moving against our nature is a very visceral experience, one that cannot be unnoticed really. It hurts when one makes decisions and choices that are not really benefiting them in their happiness and well-being, so why continuing making them? Herein exist a lot of individual differences around pain preference and tolerance I would say. A climber per definition enjoys a vertical ride in which pain could be present and endured. However, by the mastery of such a sport or discipline one could be able to perform their craft as gracefully and as technically as possible so that joy starts to outweigh all the relative pain that can also be there. So this is up to debate for individual preferences in what creates the highest output of Joy and excitement. 

So then, how hard can it be to distinguish authentic from fake, true from false or illusion from truth? The crux of the matter lays within distinguishing what is apart from our ‘false personality’ – MT or what rings true and authentic by checking in with ones core-being. Isn’t it true that we can only make this distinction through experiencing both sides of the coin? If you never knew the truth, how could you possibly see illusion? Another analogy is; how can you feel healthy and sane, when you have never experienced illness and utter madness?

‘Cage by parablev’

In accepting that we have an ego, Maya or falseness inside, we shed light on our shadows and in doing so making them disappear through simple awareness. The pain one can experience when going against their nature, is inherently marking a potential trajectory of joy as well. The pain teacher (Paul Chek term) signals us to move into a direction where we can experience more joy as well, and in doing so, preventing one from blind martyrdom. Pain is the most honest feedback mechanism to navigate our lives better. There is not a more honest teacher then pain I would say. Coming from someone who likes to makes it extra difficult sometimes so.

To make pain constructive, we need to be honest of the areas in our life that hurts. It could be your job, spouse, well-being, financial situation, fears, basically anything that is hurting you, in which small decisions and choices can be made by the day. Even if you cannot change the external view of it, can you make an internal choice to better battle the areas in your life that hurt. Not confronting the pain will result in more pain until you are willing to surrender to healing. Surrendering sounds submissive, in a culture that honors discipline, persistence and ‘sucking up’ pains. This is especially true among men who are incapable of addressing their emotions, and showing their wounds. Healing takes surrendering, it is always available to those who are open for it. Healing also starts with recognition and gaining a cognitive understanding of your obstacles, challenges and lessons.

The sooner one can address pain, the quicker can one prevent it from spreading out. People get ‘cancerous’, I think, not all due to bad faith or misfortune, but also partly to lifestyle reasons. From my understanding of this is that cancer cells (of which everyone has some cancer cells) can grow out of proportion due to some structural imbalances within the greater holistic system of health and well-being. Thereby saying that we all have cancer cells, falseness, Maya and ego and that it is part of the human experience to learn how to deal with this in the best of ways. Just like crime has been universally speaking always been playing a certain role in the development of societies, a repeated pattern of our collective dragons or psychological obstacles. Slaying the dragons isn’t always effective, since the nature of dragons is to grow new heads! Instead of fighting and resisting crime, disease, pain or unhappiness, can we learn to embrace it, accept it and/or better deal with it. Alchemy, to me, isn’t about turning water into wine, it is about turning pain into joy, disease into ease, poverty into prosperity and effort into grace. Its about alleviating ones consciousness, understanding and evolution. In the end this is what real growth implies to me when facing the prospect of ones death.

So by walking this middle path of opposites one can create a vacuum of equilibrium in which one is better equipped with their shortcomings, and in doing so, feeling empowered to make an inner transformation.

‘The shadows of pain are casting fresh light on potential joys.’



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