One size doesn’t fit all

Our educational systems our build around the paradigm that teaching should be done through mainly words and logic. There are off course exceptions, but this is based on my personal experience and view on the world. We live in a time where our logical brain is dominate in our way of sharing information to others.

Maybe this is because all of our teachers originate from a time where this was even worst then it is today. We tend to forget that our brains our inherently wired by birth to have a particular tendency in perceiving information.

It is impossible to create a one size educational system. Human beings are to unique and divers to create such a structural system. We do need school systems that take into account every unique strength an individual can posses and we need to give them resources and support to help them in their search for their meaning in life and inherent gifts they can share.

Only when we acknowledge the diversity of intelligence that exist in humans, can we move towards a harmonious way of collective growth and personal development. Lets stop the corporations that are behind many of our school systems and lets start encouraging young adults to explore many different areas first. Give them a broad perspective on life so they can experience all their abilities and potentials. Help them choose in where their intelligence is hidden ans support them in cultivating that natural gift.

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