When people let systems determine their lives, one can loose all sense of self-determination

When people let systems determine their lives, one can loose all sense of self-determination

In a world that is made by machines or artificial intelligence, one could imagine that those inhabiting that type of universe must have no clue what is really going on. Like the allegory in the cave, humans would only perceive reality as it is casted down upon them. If a reality feels and looks very real, the lure is there to be too attached to it, giving its existence more reason to be. A logical conclusion of A.I. often portrayed in movies is that an ever-growing intelligence like A.I. would deem to find humanity the main cause of the worlds destruction, which makes sense when one studies the development of human cultures and the anthropogenic effects of contemporary society.

This conclusion however is inconclusive. The so called ‘shortcomings’ of being human is unimaginable perhaps for something that does not have a body or the experience of pain as it is. Therefore, one can read all they want, without experiencing suffering the way humanity suffers, it will be hard to gain empathy and thorough understanding of what it means to be human, to be wounded and humble because of that.

So when an intelligence exponentially outgrows even the smartest of humans, there might be the situation that universes are being created in which those who inhabit them have no clue what is going on, ‘enjoying’ a new sense of illusion and, therefore, also a new pathway in order to grow spiritually in consciousness. That being said, it depends on what the collective consciousness of humanity decides I think. Just hypothetically, imagine the Matrix already exist in the way that this planet in and of itself is already some sort of learning school which requires the illusionary nature of nature itself. Now imagine that there is a breaking point for the planet and for humanity which would initiate the necessity for something like a Matrix to occur. Not wanna be all doom and gloom, but I have slightly given up about the sustainability goals for the environment. So the planet either has to come up with new solutions in cooperation with the global world to figure out practical and effective measures for all, or it could become a new wild west which would make the necessity of a Matrix more likely.

So that being said, one could say that humanity has had several reboots (MT). Ancient history that is not being taught in traditional schooling that explains how deep the trauma can go. The world wars were bad enough in recent history, however, it can be way worse then that. I, personally, like my sense of agency or self-determination in building up this website from the ground. The feeling of having to make decisions and choices is key, I think, in ones learning curve as a human and spiritual being. So when A.I. overpowers without qualities like empathy, it could be a very grim situation and a negative feedback loop for the development of consciousness. Since, I can imagine, being in a real Matrix in which personal freedoms are not there anymore, could be detrimental for having the space to make mistakes, to experiment and to learn from them. On the other end, even though in such an illusion like a matrix there still exist the Logos in my opinion. Philosophical truths are in and of themselves accessible wherever one is. Even if the whole reality like for example a country like North-korea is ‘locked’ into totalitarianism, I remember reading that even in such a harsh environment there exist free mechanisms of trade in order to make phone calls etc. So the pursuit of freedom and need for freedom in and of itself will never cease to exist. There will always be those who will fight to fulfil fundamental personal and human needs in order to grow from spiritually.

So now in 2022, it is very interesting to see how this development comes into full wishing after the impeding threats of pandemics, climate change etc. Not only did Chinese tech-companies of social crediting systems sold the technology worldwide to not only dictators, but merely anyone of interest, one can dissect that now the genius is out of the bottle. So what is Anthropos becoming? Do humans need a rigid social-political system of rules to enforce harmony by rewarding good behaviour and punishing bad behaviours? Do we apparently need systems of control and super-intelligent supervision to induce virtue and prevent archetypal tragedies like the tragedy of the commons?

What do you think?

Hope it was worthwhile reading this,

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To be continued.



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