What is a LAN when it is not about video games? GOLD(N) articles

Dear reader, Have you ever played video games with friends on a LAN? The similar scenario is[…]


“To be U-man” De dagen tellen voorbij Wij die het zijn, Als mens, Met lust aan ons[…]

Book review – can accountants save the world?

Dear reader, The short answer is; noo, honestly this is not a book review really, just trying[…]

The element of fear in your success

Dear reader, When fear, pain and suffering induces personalities into falseness a.k.a. as Maya nor criminal behaviour[…]

The shifting dark castles

Shimmering in the mists, looting at night, Is this a castle without a fight? What is loot[…]

The silhouette with a heart

Unruly are those that come in disguise No sorrow sets upon the lightness of these beings Already[…]

A system without feedback mechanism will go corrupt some day

Dear reader, In today’s article I would like to share some of my understanding of what ‘nested[…]

Con-s-team Lean management, manufacturing and beyond.

Hi reader, Since I have studied Bedrijfskunde/MER among other studies officially and unofficially, I would like to[…]

The hopeless and the faithful

Dear reader, Especially during our times it is comfortable to say that one should remain hopeful about[…]

What if everything you need is already provided for?

Hi reader, This article dials back into older posts about the differences between knowing what you want[…]

Householding ranking system, general ranking syst1ems for Games Of Life, neutrality and death – SOL – GOL(N)DE

Dear person, In this article I wanna outline some ideas and concepts about life philosophy, theory and[…]

The alive city – Cities seen through the lens of complex adaptive systems.

Dear reader, In today’s article I will try to outline my experience, (concluding) looked up knowledge, ongoing[…]

The red moon

Daring in the nights sky Do my eyes turn dark black In the solstice of the moon[…]

The power of diplomacy – ‘A stance for philosophical warfare’

Hi reader, See physical 101 note; Passive aggressive criminal resolutions research | SOL debunked site (wordpress.com) In[…]

The wraith of Lilith

No matter the mercy, fooly upon the common, say it now, or say it never, What has[…]

What can be learned from the Zapatistas?

Goedemorgen, Buenos dias, Good morning, All is under construction, Here below, I share an introduction into what[…]

Beginner workout scheme

Hi Reader, let me know what you think of my workout scheme in the comments below. I[…]

The gracefull roads untaken

Dear reader, Preface; ‘Refusal of the call – Joseph Campbell – A civilisation locked in apathy’ This[…]

The sunny warrior reckochatted

And There he comes, the mighty warrior, Ready to unravel its sadness upon the earth, eager to[…]

Flipping the urge to survive into the urge to thrive

Dear reader, In following the philosophy of this website and its values, I wanted to share some[…]

Building flexibility in ones life to enhance the path of least resistance

Hi reader, Some while ago while I was travelling and studying in Mexico, I wrote a short[…]

Keeping the social fabric alive through gift sharing

Hi reader, In my studies of the Ubuntu philosophy, I found out that a form of altruism[…]

The famous are the infamous

No honorable deeds are forgotten in the sphere of human life, Either small or large of aptitude,[…]

Health before wealth and how technocrats govern contemporary society

Dear reader(s), Key questions, concepts and references in this article are; technocracy, technocrats, risk management, immune-system, common[…]

Hypernormalization is the new norm

Dear reader, In the following article I wanna try to dissect some key concepts that connect with[…]

The search for heroes and heroins in contemporary society

Dear reader, Since I have written before about the ‘hero’s journey’ by, for example, the works of[…]

The zapatista’s, The rebels of Mexico investigated for a postmodern world.

Dear readers, Since I am currently being occupied with the preparations of my university studies and collecting[…]

Conscious living is the routine of not having a routine.

Dear reader, Routines are like a double edged sword. “It’s hard to live with them and hard[…]

“We all share the same fight at night, besides one’s daily job”

The farmer plows a field, The chef prepares dinner, The mother nurtures a child, The athlete trains[…]

‘The slippery slope of staring into the abyss too long’

Dear readers, Slowly, but steadily, I wanna continue sharing insights and stories about topics related to ‘strenght‘,[…]

A story about Holacracy – Organizations as living systems – A ‘method’ for ‘self-organization’

Hi reader, Not that long ago, I formulated key concepts like ‘thrive’, ‘strength’ and ‘wholeness’ as cornerstones[…]

Principles/conditions for self-organization in human systems

Dear reader, The following is an excerpt from my research into self-organisation in human/social systems. The visual[…]

Using the consent principle to distribute authority in an organization

Hello reader, To create an environment in which self organisation can or could occur, there has to[…]

Equilibrium, equifinality and entropy in closed versus open systems

Goedemiddag lezer(s), A few concepts are key in general systems theory and have a different application when[…]

What makes a human being self-organizing?

Hi reader, These articles are my on-going exploration on self-organisation, system thinking and specifically the social workings[…]

Tragedy of the commons – system archetype – human flaws

Allo Reader, goedemiddag, In het volgende artikel wil ik graag mijn begrip delen naar wat in de[…]

Black swan events and the robustness of a system

Hello hello, Below an outline about the phenomena of ‘black swans’. The ‘mystery’ of space expressed in[…]

The shift from closed and simple to open and complex systems

Ola reader, What I find fascinating to notice in contemporary society is the so called ‘shift from[…]

The riddle of life and death, the dance of the muses.

*Als iemand dit terugleest in Engels of Nederlands dan betekent dat ik oude artikelen probeer te reviseren.[…]

The virtue of being a cliffhanger

In a world filled with drops of sorrow, Aren’t we all drained in the moist of our[…]

We repress the parts we don’t like about ourselves and we express those we like

Dear reader, “We re-press the parts we don’t like about ourselves and we ex-press those we like”[…]

Suffering as an in-build mechanism to aim for refined decisions in life

I don’t write that often as before on this website, because I am finishing my business bachelor[…]

Why fear isn’t sustainable

Dear consumer 🙂 why fear is not sustainable. I haven’t been writing much on this blog for[…]

Disagreement makes a good avenue to explore differences, not to eradicate them

Disagreement makes a good avenue to explore differences, not to eradicate them Dear reader, For today’s revise[…]

Gentleness reigns the heart

Gentleness reigns the heart, All flaws are oysters singing out their crusty dirt in pearls of might[…]

Healing your internalised guilt system

Dear reader, In today’s article an attempt at how we all form some sort of internalised guilt[…]

Shaping synergistic alliances as a means for social cohesion

Hi reader, Goedemorgen, megbar, During my retirement I want to include the benefits and cons of group[…]

Hidden communion within communities – the inception of the concrete jungle

Helloo, In this article I try to outline how it could be possible that cities seen through[…]

Why specialization is lethal

Dear reader, The educational systems in contemporary society often propagate the significance of specialization over generalization. So why is[…]

Are you falling asleep on the wheel of life?

Goedemorgen lezer, Bijna heel deze website is in het Engels geschreven. Het zal daarom nog wel even[…]

‘To be unconditional, one needs to be self-sufficient’

Goedemiddag lezer, In het revisement van vandaag probeer ik een aantal artikelen aan elkaar te knopen met[…]

Things are forgotten with the boredom of sensible life

Hoi lezer, Vandaag weer een revisement van een oud artikel. Every sensory input is stored, it depends[…]

Estrus or love? Or a tad of Dove – ‘be the trickster nor the poppet’

Hello reader, Mastery over the human animal, and especially the reptilian brain, requires the recognition of bio-mechanics.[…]

Working through the layers of your ‘granite self’

Dear reader, “The struggle of personal identity is as big as chipping away mount Rushmore” Every layer[…]

The passing of the golden ball – healing the inner child for the sake of rejuvenation of societies.

Dear reader, As children most feel illuminated, playful, easy-going and whole, there is a certain radiance around[…]

The wanderer within

Alowa, Part of being creative is knowing how to draw outside of the lines. Either psychically or[…]

Building a body, heart and mind of economics – In the Spirit of Liberty – SOL.

Alowa, I think, depending on your economical outlook, many can agree by now towards the general statement[…]

Taking things for granted

“Taking things for granted” Today’s revisement is about differentiating between taking things for granted and/or living more[…]

How to avoid conflict in helping each other.

Hi reader, Those eager to help, often find themselves creating enemies instead of friends. Despite their good[…]

How to empower yourself

Hi reader, There are two individuals who have some really interesting things to say about work, empowerment[…]

Dream big, act local and work your ass off!

The “dream big, act local, work hard” method is a simple blueprint to thrive your life. You[…]

Denial of discontent

Hallo lezer, Good afternoon, Before I want to continue writing these blogs, I want to mention how[…]

The creativity dilemma of the westernized world

Statement; “Creativity is your ability to use your memorized accumulation of life experience into a contextual soil[…]

Serving your inner master

Goodmorning reader, (I am revising old content, so please keep that in mind while reading anything on[…]

The pain-pleasure rhythmic

Hi reader, In today’s retirement, I want to go through a known concept in psychology with has[…]

Most of the solutions are already present

Dear reader, In today’s retirement I would like to guide you through the following ‘house of your[…]

Modernisation is our echoed distress of laziness

A lazy person is not only psychically inert to execute enough force to remove him- or herself[…]

Jealousy creates division

Hi reader, In today’s retirement another article that bites the dust a little. In this article I[…]

An athlete is an artisan

Dear reader, If we talk about molding reality, then our body might be the most interesting one.[…]

The self-governing individual

Dear reader, The realization of more conscious adeptness in life can lead to great use or abuse.[…]

‘Health is a succession of rituals’

The magic of achieving any goal lays not in the philosophy of hard work or grind stone[…]

How to make natural tooth paste

Dear reader, Most folks are accustomed in using chemicals for hygiene, nutrition and house-holding. The introduction of[…]

A yearning for adventure

Echoes far astray, Forrest and woods, Give away their daunting moods. Cracks and barks far astray, Forrest[…]

The land is owned by those who labor it

Dear reader, In today’s article a further investigation into the concept of response-able ownership about any area.[…]

Self-reliance, relying on inner resources, true versus false powers.

I first stumbled upon the concept of self-reliance when I have heard Eliot Hulse talking about it[…]

Why the Lucifer experiment is doomed to fail on the mid and long run.

Alowa reader, Lets get tropical. The Lucifer experiment is according to my perspective: an attempt to consider[…]

The ‘invisible’ hand of counselling

There is a significant difference between a subtle invitation and an authoritarian advice. What you learn in school about[…]

Why contribution matters

I see the world as one big garden where we can play and enjoy life:) Yes I[…]

When men became machine

Some intellectuals decided that humanity needed an extra boost. People like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and all[…]

Why you are living below your potential

Dear reader, You might call me a hippie after reading this post, but we can learn a[…]

When passion becomes a drag

Hi reader, It could be a relationship you are currently in or some job you really love[…]

Freedom of natural development

Dear reader, In tonight’s retirement another blog edit of which I sometimes hate to read through my[…]

Your ‘life house’ and ‘how’ to ‘build’ or better said unfold ones life.

Dear reader, In this article the metaphor of the ‘house’ will be used for the purpose of[…]

Your present state counts

It is a difficult thing to change your present state of character into one that serves you[…]

Why time management is crucial in living your dreams

Hello reader Now that you hopefully know what your legacy will be and how you want to[…]

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