The poverty of self-knowledge – ‘modern’ culture

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Most people know poverty as a lack of sustenance. However, many don’t see or are perhaps a little ignorant about their lack of self-knowledge/awareness (So am I learning everyday). You can have a million dollars, and still feel unhappy because of a lack of awareness about your thoughts, feelings and abilities. You can basically call this the Western modern version of suffering. It is a different way of suffering then you see in the so called ‘third world countries’, where they are dealing more with survival related challenges. In Western culture we have to deal with more arcane issues/challenges, like ‘knowing what you want’, emotional/mental stability, feeling self-realized, fulfilled, creative and passionate about your lifestyle and the relationships you have. In Western culture, we have the luxury and opportunity to move up in the Maslow pyramid of human needs while having to care less about the foundational layers of this model. These are arcane challenges and are, I think, mostly caused by a poverty of self-knowledge.

One of the intents of this blog is to hopefully provide useful insights and tools that might awaken a part of yourself, you haven’t knew before. This is something one can only do themselves, while I would argue, there is always some form of assistance available. By increasing your self-knowledge, you increase your ability to make more distinct decisions that could fit your unique blueprint as a personality and essence. By getting in touch with your truest desires, you can get more in touch with the most pleasurable/exciting path that enhances your experience of being alive. To me this a goal we all seek, consciously or not. The Freudian’s argue that we all seek pleasure/joy, and the challenge therein is to discern what ‘pleasure’ means to you and how the experience of pleasure could be even more fulfilling.

Since nobody can really figure this out for you, you have to deeply contemplate about the things you really want to get out of life. Picking up (psychology) books, movies, games etc and spending enough time to observe the thoughts and emotions that come up within your being can greatly help in increasing your self-awareness, at least it does in my experience.

I would even go as far as to say that increasing your self-knowledge, will also increase your changes of finding economic success. By which I call it an economic success if one is able to survive while remaining relatively high in authenticity by growing through ones passions. This, on itself, is already a great accomplishment in the neocapitalistic system by which your value is mostly determined by limited indicators defined through accounting systems and limited value creation models. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can focus upon maximising your strengths and minimising your weaknesses, and in so doing, achieving greater goals in personal life, and also in recognised economic life. Recognition for ones value is key here I think, and this ought to be done, I think, with utmost scrutiny in what ones personality really is then trying to ‘educate’ or draw out what is within the potential of individuals and finally to find a way to make sure unique talents and gifts to perhaps even ‘redeem a society’, as Joseph Campbell called it, will be recognised finally. This recognition does not have to occur suddenly, I think, oftentimes in the wheel of life many efforts seem to be wasted. I would argue, however, that the way systems in ecology and sociology work is vastly more complex then we give credit too. Therefore, one can feel very miserable perhaps that when quested on a path of self-discovery and adventure it turns out to be quite challenging, hard, lonely perhaps, poor/simple et cetera. Here I would argue that everything you need in order to thrive in ones given quest, task, life mission (whatever you wanna call it really) is provided for. So depending on ones ability to be self-reliant, efficient and effective in maximising output while remaining low in overhead-costing (that minimal cost you need in order to start an organisation or any project). I think, herein, lays one of the ‘secrets’ of achieving mastery in a given craft, by simply knowing yourself deeply enough to focus upon ‘hidden’ talents and working on the necessary skills while continue to have a relatively simple and/or efficient enough lifestyle to support ones calling. Hence, the reason why the origins of this website’s concept was Simplicity Of Life, since it was and still is a profound insight in that ones essence or core-being already throws a lot of challenges on ones plate through the mechanisms of life, so why buy three kitchens? Stuff like that. It only makes life more difficult in that way, which can be a challenge sought on itself I guess. Being the Acrobatic around multiple kitchens xd

So to end this article, I would say that by meditating and concentrating deeply one can gain self-knowledge, by contemplating one can create new science perhaps and by mediating we remove the psychological barriers that hides those inner realisations of who we are and can be as human beings. 

These are two very ancient and simple tools, not just for spiritual or creative success, but also for financial success, since they are two sides of the same coin if, I think, there is a desire to earn an honourable income.

Happy to hear more thoughts about the above matter, for any questions,

Just hit me up and I can see how I can be of assistance.

And as reminder, these posts and ideas being shared are my work without strings attached.

That also means that practising with the ‘tools or tool set’ I am trying to share are to be withhold for ones own responsibility.



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