Products nor services, art skills and disciplines

Despite the poetic language, I am of perspective that Western languages are unable to express certain truths other languages express with ease. So Either you enjoy this language or you don’t, I don’t take your hate personal anyway so, Enjoy the chills. There is not persé an ordening priority in this list;

  • 1. Holistic w(h)ealth and strength personalised programming, intuiting nor undoing. Sports. New Olympics. ‘To do nothing a.k.a. fast, find simple movements nor foods again to enjoy rehabilitation from’ Hit me up for a 10 step program.
  • 2. Teaching, studying and convulting about astounding systems, free roll street artist fuelled con Dex, (xeno)anthropologist.
  • 3. Question and answer and denier service for life coaching (Q/A SOL communidas) – QFA – QPA nor FAQ. ‘To ask is to receive, to answer is to give’ Piros nor Sollos.
  • 4. Mythological/dream analysis reading service, quest creator – journey, mourning read vibes – comparative mythology with a flair of musica, humour, rapbreaker, theatre and spit.
  • 5. SOL merchandise – SOL heat-sensitive cups a.e. (prospect woocommerce) – gift sharing memorials, multipurpose cards, (token) ex-change, co-creation sessions. Visit me at my art studio for personal stuff.
  • 6. Stoolfool me as your bridge-keeper (qin tjiao, sollos nor Piros) (mediator, conflict resolver) middle ground ninja turtle.
  • 7. Architecture, ecoSOLtech-villages, planologist, house-holding (feng shui), cooking, dream explorer, probilitator, eccentric Lived Devil.
  • 8. Ghostrider, p.m.t, family research, IGBF
  • 9. Detective agency
  • 10. Terraforming, novelling, frictioning.

This is just a fraction of what I am keen on to offer or vocate for throughout the remainder of my life. Under the broad focus of the vision I formulated on the mission/reason to be page, I practice daily. So for those suffering from existential crisis this could also be a list to inspire you to find some hobbies when there is obviously a snackdeck/filled stomach otherwise there is no existential crisis to begin with. There is no particular order in these numbers, despite those true believers of numerology. If you might wander about SOLs like I do then I think many of above 10 pointers are themes, arts, skills and disciplines other beings can contribute to. Making this teaching some sort of an Ubuntu or for a lack of a better word so far, just a stdance, during increasingly challenging times.

Feels like the GOLDeN article has been ramped up to supernova difficulty, ticklytad higher depending on ones point of development and goal-seeking in SOLs. Appartment life in the concrete jungles is just harder nowadays.

What do you need, want or incline to contribute? since the Raison d’etre; meaning ones deeper reasons to exist are obviously overlapping with many other types of philosophies and teachings accross traditions, cultures, galaxies, teachers, students and in-betweeners are keen to deliver o.t.m.

All the best,

That the day may start with a mystery to be unfolded,