products nor services

  • 1. Holistic w(h)ealth and strength personalised programming nor undoing
  • 2. Teaching about (socioeconomic) complex systems, free roll street work anthropologist
  • 3. Question and answer service for life coaching (Q/A SOL community)
  • 4. Mythological/dream analysis reading service – journey read – comparative mythology with a flair of humour and rap
  • 5. SOL merchandise – SOL heat-sensitive cups a.e. (prospect woocommerce) – gift sharing memorials
  • 6. Hire me as your bridge-keeper (qin tjiao) (mediator, conflict resolver) middle ground turtle.
  • 7. Architecture, eco-villages, tech-villages, and house-holding. (feng shui) city explorer

This is just a fraction of what I want to offer or work to create through this website or under this concept of SOL and I think many of these 7 points are themes other folks can contribute with in co-creation, making it some sort of an Ubuntu during challenging times.

What do you want to contribute?

Or what would you do?

Happy to hear from you