Dear reader,

In the game of Life, Neutrality and Death, I would argue that reflexes matter. I know many people I come across are really not into doing sports or even recognising it as an art in and of itself. Therefore, I can outline the benefits sports can have on their self-development. In the end, it only matters I think for as long as one can remain ‘functional’ in the way they like and prefer to be. I do not promote Olympic level fitness, even though that would be awesome to be able to perform at that level. The way I try to teach vitality and energy is through a multitude of games/exercises/lifestyles one can play alone or in group settings. Listening and jumping on hardcore for example is an exercise on its own. Whatever keeps the juices flowing so to speak is beneficial for those who have active body types.

The cool thing is that after a lot of practice within Esports, sports, certain martial arts etc, your enhanced reflexes among other skills could transfer to other fields within business, house-holding or writing code for example. Thereby saying, one cannot know in hindsight where one’s highest excitement will lead them, it only gives a trajectory on which ones ship can continue to navigate depending on changing circumstances. The true beauty is then the coming together of the orchestra of how seemingly unrelated events, life experiences and resonances are coming together to arc a greater whole of understanding of Self, which is beautiful.

Therefore, reflexes matter cause in an ever changing landscape on your ship or your life awake seen through your body then it makes sense to be opportunistic when need be.

Which could be G.O.L.D’N.

All I’m saying with the above is that reflexes matter a great deal in games like Fortnite, why not use this skill in real life during school nor streetlife?



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