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In the sphere of human life, the spectra it offers, the diversity it craves. Gaia is not just a planet, it is an entity, just like you and me are more then we know of. SOL stands first and foremost for Simplicity Of Life. Life ought to be simple, we make it ourselves complex is the general idea I thought sounded nicely when I launched this site during my stay in China. Therefore, the real insiders are those who are simply way ahead of me, making me a student of it all as well, just as a stranger can suddenly turn into the teacher, does the teacher turn into the student, an orchestra of learning, a dance of the muses.

The outsiders I always carry beautiful memories with. No rock is untouched, no soul is forgotten, in the wonders of life, have we lost our ancient ways. Now is the time to strike. To be the change, to be who you want to be, and to dare a different life. Courage is what marks true freedom. To do what you want despite the obstacles. How one goes about ones obstacles in life is to him, her or it. Therefore, after courage comes agency. However, I am not the only one that can challenge you. This I do, mostly, in intimate relationships. Intimacy does not ought to be romantic persé. The word intimacy is misleading. It is not just butterflies, it is the oceans and it is the sky. No land, no sea, no soul, is forgotten. Therefore, this website is meant to be a portal in which rites of initiations are set into those who dare to go on a quest.

As a student of comparative mythology and self pro-claimed anthropologist, I know by experience and research, that the hero’s journey, depicted in so many stories, is not complete. The circle is, in and of itself, limiting at best considering the vast amount of knowledge being lost of ancient civilisations, one can’t assume this circle to be complete. This is, off course, an assumption upholded for conversation since how could one discredit the scholarship of someone like Joseph Campbell? A man that could run as quick as his mind could tell a tale. All knowledge is limiting in and of themselves to my understanding of it since, especially scientific models, are more often then not, rounded off truths that do not display the full spectrum of a certain phenomena which are more often complex then simple. The ‘know it all trickster’ does not know he or she, or it, does not know. It is in the not knowing where one can find true spontaneity, inspiration and. This website, is hopefully, marked by this. True zone like behaviour is known in sports, but can be extended to the martial arts, the arts in themselves or life, neutrality and death as an art. Neutrality, in the sense, that trickster figures in mythology oftentimes stand in between or really in the way.

With grace, life is not a fight anymore. Grace means, according to my understanding so far of it, that one can thrive under any set of circumstances as has been shown by some diamonds among the holocaust survivors like Viktor Franklyn in his infamously depiction of camp life in man’s search for meaning. This is true mastery, mastery of life equals mastery of death in a certain way, since who can truly live without comfortably facing death in the eyes? Therefore, this website is a concept within a concept. There are many pathways to explore. Even I cannot oversee anymore how the database is in and of itself growing beyond the set of its parts. Which to my understanding is what makes self-organisation work its charm, is that the greater sum becomes more then simply the set of parts it consists off. This is what I always dreamt of, a ‘company’, ‘institute’ or founding of something that evolves on its own without a centralised chain of command, yet rather a dance of sailors, queens, captains and governors of their own sols. This is the beauty of it. In philosophy one could say one is always at the right moment. And it is Alan Watts who explained that any leading up moment is already there, we are just unravelling our own inclinations. Every movement, every breath, every thought, emotion or state matters in every second. A true master in my eyes, is adept at this. No one is truly perfect on this planet, since that is the game of life. Our imperfections create the finest diamonds among us. Those who are heavy hitters are those I hold dare, since one can imagine some wounds go deeper then the flesh. This can only be due to intense and severe life growing challenges. It is in the art of transmuting ones inner ‘shadows’ or circumstances into something meaningful, something to live for, something to thrive for.

So in all ancient cultures and in today’s modern culture in the stereotypical form of the office hegemonic ideal of masculinity, there used to be types of initiations that would set a man, woman or anything who partakes or endures in the membership to the School Of Life, which is universal and can’t be claimed by me or anyone else, hence the reason it is just a concept within a concept, an Ubuntu, something unexplainable, yet all sharing the same mystery of life.

So this website has truly become a concept within a concept. It might be confusing, but, therefore, I am here to try to explain certain stuff if that is needed, among all those others that dance in the midst of learning.

I currently live in the beautiful city of Breda and looking forward to contribute to this city.

I originate from (Delft) and those who know me better, know where and how I travel.

To the moment,


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