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(I am revising old content, so please keep that in mind while reading anything on this website) just consider everything as a story.

The general consensus in The Netherlands, for example, is that people are sovereign beings. Growing up our care-givers pretty much own our bodies from 0 till 6 years old in order to raise it. Strangely enough, in the animal kingdom humans are the ones who need nourishment the longest. Therefore, it isn’t that strange that there is a time gap in which attachments can occur. Attachments which might hold onto us in late adulthood if we are not properly initiated.

Tribal communities knew how to properly initiate their young into maturity. I believe today there is more pseudo-initiation, then having the real deal. Without such initiations one never breaks loose from ones care-givers and will seek places where this can be projected. They say people need leaders to lead them, companies to structure them and governments to nourish them. All this is simply a replacement of something that is already within. By practicing self-reliance one can awaken ones own inner gold, nourishment and structure. Without being initiated in these inner resources, one can remain ‘weak’ and passive by projecting it onto others.

Since you now don’t have the opportunity to be properly initiated, sometimes one just need to do it oneself. Your calling can come from within or outside. Either way one will receive callings for adventure due to the muses of life. If one gets a calling then this is ones first sign to move into the unknown and to leave ones mundane situation. Many don’t leave the mundane since one can lack proper ritual elders to initiate us with a healthy dose of force. Instead one can suffer from a lack of initiation or pseudo-initiation that can cause one to be destructive and to live below his or hers potential.

Therefore, I think, one needs to learn how to listen to ones inner master. In the end you should be the one that knows thyself and masters thyself. Educators, teachers and healers can only give you tools, no powers. You are in the one in control, and, therefore I can also only point towards it.

Moving into the unknown, breaking loose from care-givers, building your own structures and companies and living your philosophy. This path is not easy, but worthwhile on the long-run.

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4 thoughts on “Serving your inner master

  1. UnumVeritatemPerquirat says:

    Great examples in this post! I like how you speak of humans being much too reliable on others to protect them and or care for them… This is definitely true! I too believe that one must awaken and truly figure out their inner will and let that be their guiding light and protection. Why rely on someone when all you need is yourself?
    Very insightful!

    -Truth Seeker

    1. Kees Berg says:

      Exactly, I would much rather see community support though, since I don’t personally believe in ‘one man island’s’. But seeing the world the way it is, their is little to none interest in explaining the reality of our nature in a proper way to the young and upcoming. There is a great book by Ralph Waldo Emerson who inspired me about this, if you want to read more about the concept; ‘self-reliance’. This is an excerpt:

      “Man is his own star; and the soul that can
      Render an honest and a perfect man,
      Commands all light, all influence, all fate;
      Nothing to him falls early or too late.
      Our acts our angels are, or good or ill,
      Our fatal shadows that walk by us still.”

      Also ‘the archetype of initiation’ by Robert L. Moore is very worthwhile to better understand these concepts.

      And off course, the Hero’s journey of Joseph Campbell.

      Thanks for your comment! ,


      1. UnumVeritatemPerquirat says:

        I completely agree! Thanks for those novel referrals! I am always looking for new readings to keep my wondering mind going! Great excerpt by the way… It definitely related to man needing only himself. It is extremely vital for beings to realize their true self as well how to obtain a certain kind of peace within themselves separate from external influences we are so often posed and bothered by!

        -Truth Seeker

    2. Kees Berg says:

      Thanks for replying.

      First save yourself before saving others is a nice one-liner as well in that regard.

      Or going alone is quicker, going together is better something like that can also be nice 🙂


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