When we tend to crack under the pressures of life, we either settle for mediocrity or use it to transcend our core. Without pressure, their would be little reason or resistance for growth to happen, and, therein lays the subtle temptation to settle for consensus, to follow the herd and conform our soul to comfort and known paths. It’s a real temptation to follow the direction of a general accepted idea, especially when you are oké to believe what you are believing, to prefer the blue pill instead of the red. This is what settling means, to be oké with the consensus, to give our consent for being mediocre and accept to be limited in our potential and independent thought. There needs to be a gamble, a shot in the dark, a risky avenue that leads to great discoveries and success, until that becomes the status quo, the new standard.

Do you follow standards, or do you set your own?


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