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While studying Eastern philosophy in China, I noticed one great difference Western society often times struggles with. It is the struggle of dealing with paradoxes and the inability of Western society to find the harmony within these opposites. For example, the Yin and Yang symbol demonstrates beautifully the paradoxical nature of our reality, while simultaneously showing us the possibility of harmony. Man and wo-man, light and dark, moon and sun, wet and dry, hot and cold, reality is a double-edged sword. However, this is just how it seems to be, since when one discovers that these can only look opposed due to imbalances of energy within our own psyches. To work on this level beyond duality requires training and most of all, insight, I think. The greatest inventions are really very simple in their nature, while the most ineffective inventions can be quite complex, hard to grasp and confusing. The ego or persona is in our time and age beyond complexity, and the trickery of our ego is endless, while the soul remains simple, transparent and tranquil.

It is interesting then to note such things in our daily lives. Absolutely anything seems to polar and splintered, while simultaneously is truly one thing. To me, this is one of our shared challenges coming to this planet, to experience duality and finding unity within the diversity. If the soul represents simplicity, then it must be attracted to something as complex as the human brain and body. The human genome system is the epitome of complexity on this planet, and, therefore, the very reason sentience feels attracted to it. This makes sense in the way that forces can attract, and, therefore, can attract even the most micro forms of creatures. It requires great awareness, patience, time and empathy to assist those who can’t wait to live a life on a planet on this scale and in this particular time period where things are on edge. This is somehow the beauty of those who ‘need ‘a host to survive. In that way one can temporarily be called a ‘medium vehicle’, which preferably goes through technological means, since the body has its limits. However, this allows such organisms to see how an ‘individual consciousness’ or the ego of a person has to make decisions and choices throughout the day. Just like an animal kingdom can in some ways obtain information about an environment of which there are agents having to make choices to learn from. Previously I have written why I, therefore, do not hold up my privacy very high for a long time already. Not much to hide anyway.

Dangerous though, is to loose oneself in this complexity, and, therefore, unable to feel the simplicity of life and the ‘soul’ or whatever word suits. Isn’t it then the greatest revelation to realize the illusion of complexity, the human body and all the confusion it can create? One of the reasons I created this website, is because many people seem to be lost in this complexity of life, death and neutrality. We make things so difficult, while there may be an easy solution just waiting around the corner. We take highly advanced drugs in order to battle dis-eases that can easily be healed and eased by strengthening our immune system with holistic healing tricks, organic food, proper rest and functional exercise. This isn’t always the case off course, but often times are we making things more difficult then they have to be.

Feel free to leave a question in the box below, and I will do my best to offer you simple tools or assistance to battle your complex obstacles 😉

Currently living in the city Breda. So for explanatory purposes one can come by for some water/coffee/tea or nothing.

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