Creativity is one of these words that are hard to define. There are many points of view to what is truly a creative act, just like their are many debates on what is art, love or beauty. So let me share with you my thoughts on being creative and why some seem to have lost this natural state of being. The answer lays in what kind of questions we ask ourselves about creativity. What makes a creative act different from that of a regular one? The answer for me is very simple; if the act isn’t new, refreshing, spontaneous and innovative, then it isn’t creative, but artificial. It is artificial because we are simply being mechanical in reproducing similar results, or we are re-mixing certain elements into new unknown outlets. Remixing known elements into unknown outlets is still operating in the realm of the ego or known, and, therefore, artificial. True and fresh creation is, therefore, from a realm unknown to the persona or ego, and the ego is simply a bridge that can weave the two worlds together.

You often hear about people who are in the ‘zone’, that they feel a loss of time and space, a state of being in which things seems to flow as if there is no effort on their part. This is what I experience oftentimes while I am writing these stories, all though this isn’t always the case. So then the question arises how we can put ourselves in the ‘zone’, so that we can bridge the unknown and known together and build a better world. The Bgagavad Gita describes the method as surrendered action, an action in which the ego or persona surrenders to that which is trying to come through him or her. The artist becomes a vessel into which a higher force can touch the hearts of others. The trick to this is really simply, and that is surrendering. Call it what you want, god, Allah, the universe, it is all the same thing, moving through us if we allow it to be.

So what stops a man from receiving insights? The answer is; himself.



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