The freest persons are those who have nothing to loose

Having nothing to loose, is a metaphysical strength that enables us to move freely under even the most stressful and difficult situations. When you have something to loose, the thing itself, can be used to manipulate you, or better said to shape or form youManus; hand, the thing is literally shaping you by your own attachment. That people, things, circumstances are shaping our lives is more a result out of our inability to distance ourselves from it then it is because of their impact on us. When even the fear of death itself can be reconciled with, there grows an enormous power that fills up the space where fear used to be prevalent. Often times, people are directed by the fear of the body, the fear of death itself, and a lack of mastery and command of the body can greatly decrease the amount of joy and fulfilment you can get out of your life. This has led me to validate about how past trauma’s can still have their impact on our lives today, and well-known educators of which I spare you the names have been pointing this out in our history. I know there is a whole science behind this, but that is not for this moment. The insight I want to share here today is that our physiology has a great impact on how we make decisions. If the body has undergone severe moments of stress and we are unaware of this, we act out the behaviour unconsciously. Acting it out consciously is always better then unconsciously, since awareness is transforming in and of itself and this enables us to deal with the trauma in the body. Having the freedom to live is, therefore, heavily inclined with the quality of your physiology. Being free in mind and body is a big key in how liberated we feel in making decisions. Detachment is, therefore, often spoken in religions, because it is such a huge principle we can use to liberate ourselves from bondage. Distancing yourself from your body and objectively judging the possible flaws and obstacles, is a gift of body awareness to yourself.

Just observe how people are carrying their body and look at how dysfunctional and unnatural if often times looks. It is paradoxical then that to really know what you have, you first have to ‘loose it’ or distance yourself from it so to speak, and we can argue if you really ‘had’ it to begin with. Therefore, the freest persons are those who have nothing to loose, and have realised the eternity of their being. Not only can such people enjoy great times of fearlessness in their lives, all though this does not have to be a continuum, they also gained awareness in different levels of their being. Plato’s cave is a great analogy to describe this phenomena. The persons in the cave are enslaved not because they are in a cave, but because they are simply unaware of the cave and how it all works together. If they would be aware they would be in a cave, they could simply walk out and experience something else, or some other reality.

That’s why I say that the freest persons have nothing to loose to begin with. That even the body itself becomes an illusion, and that life itself is in a way a trickery, all though interesting to experience and grow from spirituality.

So a good trick to free yourself from body trauma’s you are acting out unconsciously, is by making it conscious. By photographing or taking mental pictures of your own behaviour and looking at the origins of that behaviour, you enable yourself to gain self-awareness, and in that awareness you can liberate yourself.

Take care!


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