Dear reader,

When fear, pain and suffering induces personalities into falseness a.k.a. as Maya nor criminal behaviour then this can be used as a as a stepping stone in order to induce a trajectory for growth. This is more fruitful then eradicating fear in and of itself cause this will make one too perfect and therefore stagnant in seeking new trajectories of personal development and REAL growth. It will probably only cause the situation in which there exist an insane sense of superiority in which fear is shoved under the blankets, however not eradicated. I still remember when Evelyn Boot of Avans asked me if I was not afraid to travel to China for my internships there, only to find myself in a modern concentration camp over and over again. Despite her saying the poetry I wrote for her was taken I still made some pancakes for her. So yes I said HELL YEAH I AM in my own innocence to explore certain traps, therefore, eradicating fear in and of itself is only a recipe for more disaster in thinking it does not exist. This is obviously a challenging state of being since thinking that fear does not exist perhaps in some realities due to the overarching effect of group dynamics could cause a certain dynasty to crumble down slowly into oblivion, which is a blessing in disguise I would say in finding new relationships during times of warring. During such intense periods of chance and inner turmoil, I would recommend to have transition stages by which agents within a system like that can see where there are plateaus to have a break at and reflect upon life situations instead of fueling a rampage. One can imagine that such scenarios would require certain qualities and skills spreaded accros this blog to assist during what can be coined as the greatest RAW the galaxy has ever heard. So who can RAW the best, which animal?

Fear has this inbuilt function in the Supreme moment to induce the opportunity to decide whether one wants to decide a gracious path or not since this is according to my perspective the energetic beauty of life on this particular planet.

So dare to groundbreak into this dimension on planet Eart.



For them astronauts chilling in space.

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