The ‘intuitive’ path made practical – Steve Jobs

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In today’s article I use a little bit of Steve Jobs to try to explain how the intuitive path could be made more practical and explanatory. So bair with me while going through these older articles.

Words like intuition are abstract and often change based upon the personal biasses of the recipient. Just like universal truths are translated in an abundance of religions and mythologies, is all that is from the ‘mysterious’ or simply unknown world put into rudimentary brackets of words and images. The truth, therefore, will always be a rounded off truth that constantly slips before we think we can grasp it. The rational mind needs to trust this form of intelligence if we want to tap into it. Without trust we cannot connect ourselves to this inner source of guidance. Some call it god, others call it intuition, enthusiasm or excitement.  For the sake of etymology, I like to use the word enthusiasm which lends its history from the Latin words entheos, en-theos or godlike inspiration.

Steve Jobs knew how important it was to trust these sources of guidance and intelligence, and he sure lived a very interesting life for the time being in which he tried to create tools that could unite people(MT – TLE). If we are not connected with this form of enthusiasm, then we try to seek it in other reflections of it. We follow charismatic leaders, we try drugs or seek this feeling and strength in substitutes and persons who are blessed with it. The cursed, therefore, seek the blessed and are oftentimes full of envy and hatred towards them. This will however not help one in finding ones own source of enthusiasm and creation. Our own falseness can block the way of enthusiasm like stones are blocking the stream of a river. By removing the stones, we align ourselves in the flow of life and grow in our creative abilities. This is in my opinion the most important education you can give yourself. The word education stems from educare and educereThe first means to train and the latter means to draw outBy removing our inner blocks, we clear the way for our inner stream of enthusiasm.

Here are some methods to remove your inner blocks or false personality, so that you make room for your true personality;

  • Concentration (preparing yourself for a learning experience)
  • Meditation (clearing the mind of all trivia)
  • Mindful athletics (seeking balance and function in the body by practising for example yoga, capoeira, climbing, skating, Esports, tai chi, gymnastics or tennis)
  • Fasting (This numbs the brain and can help in your meditation practice)
  • Right thinking (conscious righteous thinking)
  • Right study (studying self-help books, psychology or finding a good therapist)
  • Self-observation (being your own therapist in that you see yourself objectively and can judge yourself from a third person perspective)

There is more, but all the above has helped and still helps me and others tremendously to stay in essence and to keep the flow of enthusiasm strong and steady. I emphasize a lot on this topic, since most of us are in a waking-sleeping state, meaning that most of us are not fully aware of their enthusiasm, and are, therefore, not living up to their truest potential. Boredom is a dis-ease, and many of us are suffering of boring relationships with Self, loved ones, work and environments. The Matrix is a good example of how many of us are just following habits and routines induced by our environment.

When you have achieved removing these blockades, the challenge lays in keeping it tidy and clean so that the flow isn’t disturbed by destructive  and/or diminishing suggestions from yourself and your environment. A challenge which is very difficult if you are living in a society that is for the most part living in their false personality. My suggestion to you is to see these ambassadors of fear as they are; false personalities.

To discern this philosophy even more we can categorize the steps in the process here:

  1. We follow our enthusiasm, inner god/king, excitement or intuition
  2. We infuse it by will with emotions so that we add movement (energy in motion; e-motion)
  3. We create a realistic plan with our rational mind
  4. We execute this plan with our whole body, mind and soul. This is what gives great sense of purpose to me at least.

If we want to successfully manifest our dreams and potential we need to access these four forms of intelligence in our being;

  1. The intuitive intelligence
  2. The emotional intelligence
  3. The intellectual intelligence
  4. The physical intelligence
  5. And more.

Please don’t get lost in the categorisations, since this is a holistic and reductionistic approach. We need all forms of intelligence in order to live our greatest lives imaginable.

Using these forms of intelligences is an art of life that can be practised. There will be initiates, adepts and masters, just like you have in the fields of music and sports. We all have the same tools and we can all use them towards our greatest benefit and that of others.

All the best,

If you have any questions, feel free to ask so that I can try to explain it. However, I do prefer real life encounters to go through certain philosophical discourses.


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