The ‘invisible’ hand of counselling

There is a significant difference between a subtle invitation and an authoritarian advice. What you learn in school about giving people scientifically approved or convincing advice about what one should do, is based around economic and business values. Most government schools are focused upon delivering value for big organisations and institutions that focus upon profit mainly. So you will learn many things to please those companies, not necessarily to help them or yourself.

The strategy of providing economic value to people, is when you give them something they really need, not crave!. So this is where there became a shift in our cultural perspective towards self-reliance versus consumerism. The shift from the world wars into the industrial revolution was very radical in a sense that the needs of people increased exponentially. These needs became so divers and complex that consumerism was invented. The idea of being self-reliant by baking your own bread, washing your own car or thinking for yourself, was vanished from the cultural ideal of personal development and Renaissance. Consumerism is like all -ism (fanaticism, sexism ect) counterproductive in terms of personal and spiritual development. You cannot buy personal and spiritual development!

It only gave us an opportunity for massive pro-creation, in which most people alienated themselves in greed and distractions. Would you really learn the most if I would do all the thinking for you? Would you really grow as an individual when you delegate essential cornerstones for your lifetime?

NO. By all means, sometimes you need to ask help from someone with more experience, but more importantly is that you make it your own. A well-rounded and strong individual can rely on himself when necessary and does not have to delegate his own capacity for learning new skills. He is willing to make mistakes in the freedom of his learning. This is why my blogs are not practical. I only give you the why most of the time (and a cool story hopefully). Only why it can aid in your personal and spiritual development. You have to figure out how you are going about it.

This is the difference. A subtle invitation is what I hope to provoke.

Like a little insight or inspiration that can serve as a call for adventure or personal challenge.

It would be boring if I gave you all the practical knowledge. I give you one side of the coin. You can do the flipping.

Do the thing and you will get the power (RWE)

Stay strong,


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