The land is owned by those who labor it

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In today’s article a further investigation into the concept of response-able ownership about any area. Could be a land cultivated or a ship steered. Those who take their ability to respond and care appropriately for ‘their’ piece of the pie so to speak, earn it to ‘own’ the place. This ownership is, off course, following this concept under scrutiny by those who think or are better at taking care for a certain place or area to live and work at or in.

By stating the above, the ease and power money gives us, is no justification for it’s devilish uses. The power of money is their to be used accordingly with responsibility. The ability to respond with our vote in this world comes from our wallet and personal investments (Paul Chek). The power of centralized organisation ends at the moment the agents within that organization stop by allowing their consent to be taken away by any form of central command. So the very existence of such a centralized system ends when a certain percentage of the agents within that system stop giving away their ability to consent on which the system survives and thrives. These concepts could be related into why China, as example, saw quite some ‘high’s and low’s’ in their trajectory of growth as a people. Since China consists out of many ‘servers’ according to the Michael teachings, one can imagine that when the people of China are pushed too far, the people who do serve rebel against their masters and replace them with a new set of rulers that can provide for a ‘better’ future. This makes sense then that the farmers working in China do enjoy a simple and fulfilled life through the enjoyment of simple work and pleasures, like good health and communal life. However, when the envelope is pushed too far, they can turn against their leaders as has been shown in the history of the development of China.

Other, more like, indigenous cultures and often more minor movements are not willing to give consent to the global market of capitalism, with all the imbalanced currency fluctuations and devaluations.  They rather stay committed to their own ways of living and dying in building their own communities and by doing so creating a threat for a world economy. Capitalism is a convenient system created for those who know how to play the game of money. Those who know how to predict and control the market and control the planet’s resources are the ones winning the capitalistic game currently. The concept of private ownership only works if we can discern private from non-private.  We talk about social minorities who possess pretty much all of the resources in our world. They think they have ownership because they can buy it, but this is actually not true. You only truly ‘own’ something when you are willing to take responsibility and care for its development as well. Big organisations or big government don’t own anything, it are the workers on the land, the builders of houses who are the ones who take responsibility. These people are the true ‘owners’ of the things they create and nourish.

The social majority is struggling to otherwise work within or without this system. Their lands and communities are getting over ruled by those who think they can capitalize it. They then create exploitation to maximize profit and minimize losses without including the demands of the workers or environment in their accounting.

Those who work within are limited by systems of control and domination within the so called free market economy. Wages and jobs are created by demand and supply without including the factor of cost or needs like personal meaning and creativity, cultural diversity, social justice, environmental demands, sustainability of resources et cetera. Without including the importance of such priorities, you create a unsustainable bubble within an ecosystem that was already working without our interference. You basically create a parasitic value and belief system that does not take into account the importance of environmental or cultural demands.

This in turn makes it even harder to grasp the above written text. Being in a parasitic system makes you responsible for being a parasite. In order to realize this you need to step outside the created bubble and see how this system is only serving a few of us. Societal imprinting is what keeps this machine running. So I would argue that an individual evolution is necessary to remove the layers of dust so that we can see the ‘otherness of others’ again.

Not only our neighbor, but the totality of existence on this planet and beyond.

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