The raison d’être of SOL – The School Of Life among otherS- The Concept within a concept.


It is always difficult to define your life’s work and agreements into brackets of words, but I will continue my best in doing so for the sake of dynamic governance.

Calling it a ‘reason to live/right to exist’ is a bit fanatic, since I like to uphold the thought one does not need a reason to exist persé. However, since I am myself quite perplexed/chaotic here and there, I thought it could be useful for my own development to come up with a foundational framework upon which the content of this site is mostly created. However, despite that laisséz faire attitude you can at least grasp a better picture of what my general focus is for the content and cornerstones of SOL. It sure is cool to just have a mission anyway, but take it really seriously please, it just comforts me to have an aim in what seems to be an aimless universe to begin with.

My ‘raison d’être’ is to pursuit strength and unification so to surthrive my life beyond and assist nor inspire perhaps a bunch along the way

My perspective on strength or general well being:

Life has plenty in stock for us to challenge our sense of well-being. I think the general assumption can be made that each one of use would like to enjoy a certain level of well-being in ones life or strength for that sake. The focus is, therefore, not so much on a material punch, but is more emphasised towards developing a sophisticated character that comes with a relatively healthy body. Given that for most countries it is not a matter of options or access to resources, but more the challenge of finding a fitting lifestyle that guarantees a desired level of vitality and well-being.

My perspective on being whole: nor feeling reunified:

Health and wholeness go hand in hand from my view. The word ‘health’ is misused because of the scientific and reductionist paradigms. Dis-ease has turned into a gigantic business model instead of a sign for change to oversee the whole system. By not using a holistic or well-rounded viewpoint towards your well-being, one can castrate and blind oneself from underlying causes. Physical, mental, emotional and energetic areas of ones being are intertwined and holistic. They work together in a cohesive whole. I think we are never really healthy if we don’t address all four (or more) area’s. This can also be called the ability to think in systems (and beyond) and can be applied to other disciplines beside the healing disciplines and arts.

My perspective on surthriving: 

To be is to be apart of a greater whole. Whether you want to admit it or not, I think, we are dependent and interdependent on the given set of ecosystems and communities that we as individuals among groups find themselves in. We grow and learn through the interactions we have within these communities. How we interact is our choice and ours only. Thriving to me means, therefore, to cultivate the talents and abilities you enjoy the most and contributing them into a way of coping con realidad. True education is to help you ‘to draw out’ your potential, not to imprint ideas that doesn’t fit your unique personal blueprint. Surthriving is a mutual relationship of giving and receiving with the TRUE work and tasks that you meant to do and deeply desire. You are not worthless, I think we can all choose our own way to serve and contribute in an enjoyable and fulfilling way so that we thrive our lives rather then survive just to live another day.

My perspective on inspiring:

The root meaning of inspire is to ‘breath in’. Information does not quite do it, I think, we need practice and integration in order to make a sustainable change. An inspiration can only be used to enhance your realm of possibilities. You need to put the inspiration into practice, consolidate it and integrate it in your own being in order to transmute the possibility into a tangible reality. No-body can do this for you, I think, it is our responsibility to choose how we want to show up in life. Ideally this website can mean something in the pursuit of evolving as a human being, for oneself and for one another. To act upon your passions as a reflection of who you are is, therefore, always inspiring for others to seek their own path in that regard.

My perspective on going beyond:

My current perspective so far on going beyond is that a few can be capable of transcending the limitations of their genome by working your ass of. Novus Homo a.k.a as a neo-human as is shortly explained in the movie Waking Life a.e. Meaning that a bunch can be capable by deliberate day to day grind work leading up to greater life choices to transcend and overcome obstacles like greed, arrogance, impatience, stubbornness etc. a.k.a. false personality that are encoded within the DNA as false personality challenges. This process can be called alchemical, hence the silver-gold logo and, therefore, transformational in the practical sense that by overcoming such obstacles a bunch only needs to fear fear in and of itself as MOTs. This is due to the observable and liveable fact that fear and pain will remain of the 3D reality in which opposing forces like time, matter and space still exist. Even though in 5 different dimensions and beyond the experience of time, matter and space fades away into oblivion. This is, however, dangerous since without a strong enough identity paradoxically enough, one could become too strong in the mind, and in so doing, forgetting the importance of remaining centred and grounded to the earth simultaneously.  

Hence the reasoning why the raison d’etre is now a 5 folded cornerstone vision under which many missions nor goals can be formulated.

Like for example SOLLISTICITIES which is a leap into The Original Dream. DOT. Intergalactic alignment of species being able to live among each other. A vision in which a planet is not just a lone dot in a single universe anymore.

What could be your contribution to SOL? A life plan is, meant, therefore to have a satisfactory life workload. If you read this then you would know that this is just a site and that SOL always remains an universal and intergalactic philosophy or way of life that obviously has correlations with many other traditions, philosophies and ways of life.

Hence The Concept within a concept getting more tangible through collaboration instead of nuclear isolation.

I stand for a bright electrified future con amore T.E.L in which that O.D. can come to execution.