The multiple uses of my ‘business/personal card’

No day should go by,

that one is shy,

You might ask me why?


Why is your card all dark?

Give them some heat,

give lit your spark,

Slide sit to your chest,

See who has a warm heart.

Or give thou a warm touch,

With fellow thanks to that artist once.



P.s. The cards are made from thermochromic ink, so each card is a piece of art and not just a business card or a member card. Many ways to go about a card 🙂 so what purpose would you give to a card?

Author: Johannes Berg

Hi Reader, If you wanna get to know me then just read the blogs or meet up with me for REAL. Currently living in the energetic labour town of Breda. Hit me up on the street or come by for a visit at my place if you dare or find some other way, or just telepathically, depends on the circumstances. It is pretty hectic these strays. Can enjoy adventurous travels or just some couch hanging obviously with a nice snack, refer to exchange snack deck list. Which is a hidden pade obviously..... Cherios, Sneek.