The opening sentence of Homo Economicus

Homo Economicus : Hi

Homo novus: Hi

Homo Economicus : What do you do for a living?

Homo novus: I breath 

Homo Economicus : How can breathing earn you a living?

Homo novus: It’s free

Homo Economicus : Nothing in this world is free

Homo novus: Then start breathing 

Homo Economicus : I don’t get it

Homo novus: it’s not to get, it’s to be 

Homo Economicus : You are a weird fellow, and walks away

Homo novus: Ok bye

Homo Economicus : And btw, my name is Frank

Homo novus: Good to meet you Frank, and smiles.

First questions generally asked by strangers are inclined to be economical and practical of nature. There is no intimacy, but just comparison and competition. It’s a very shallow form of contact when we only live throughout our reptilian fight and flight brain. No questions of feelings, philosophy or community are asked, but rejected in our pursuit of wealth.

How can man co-exist when intimacy is so shallow?

How can man thrive when economics are priority?

How can man be re-defined to serve a better world?

Give me your answers in the comments below!



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