The pain-pleasure rhythmic

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In today’s retirement, I want to go through a known concept in psychology with has to do with the relationship between pain and pleasure.

The ‘pleasure principle’ is a psychoanalytical term coined by Sigmund Freud. A term that indicates that human beings are driven by the experience of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. Even when pain is tolerated, it is only for a pro-longed effect of pleasure in the near future. One can sacrifice some pleasure for pain in order to experience an even greater pleasure! It is, however, still pleasure if one seeks for example enlightenment and all of a sudden can see through the facade.

The opposite extreme is that of the masochist who is a lover of pain. I would argue that both of these are polar opposites that are intertwined and can be imbalanced when one is in pursuit too extensively over the other. One who seeks constant pleasure might fall in the trap of drug abuse and will experience great pain in the long run. One who experience pain in the form of injuries and muscle cramps in any sort of vigorous endeavor like strength training or sports will be blown away by the pleasure of having a godlike body and all the benefits of being in shape and fit. It can be said that in order to reach a certain level in any particular endeavor one can endure certain pains in order to receive a greater pleasure.

However, in the long run, we are in for the pleasure that can be experienced when we do certain things. We work a dole and mentally draining job, not because we like it, but because we want the carrot on the end of the month. We train our bodies everyday not because we like it, but because we want to have that godlike image of Greek sculptures.

I would say, dwell in both of them. Enjoy both ends of the journey the best you can, so that you are not identified by wanting one over the other. Knowing how to deal with pain is a great ability to reach life goals, since it will always play on the background. Sometimes we have to push through barriers that can be slightly painful in order experience a greater sense of pleasure, joy and fulfillment afterwards, like a dentist treatment. However, by choosing the path of least resistance one can be at their most graceful in creating lifestyles that serve us with the best joy one can have in relationship to or with others. Not by avoiding pain completely, but by acknowledging it’s existence and knowing how to cope with it in ones journeys.

Allowing more joy, pleasure and fulfillment in our lives is possible only when we know what can hurt us. The short lasting pleasure of junk food will quickly result in painful dis-eases. The flimsy high of a cocaine trip, can quickly result in an emotional roller coaster and too much cannabis can be very confusing to deal with. Everything can be ‘abused’, even water can be an overkill. Another example is the comfort of a car or a chair that can easily make you scream of hernia’s in the long run.

To experience more joy and pleasure, we need to know our pain-pleasure rhythmic. By appreciating both sides of this coin, I think, people can learn to make better decisions for managing their unique lifestyles.

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