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In a daring age like ours, I would say the power of diplomacy can’t go unrecognised in a world that, according to my view, is still on its tipping points in terms of peace keeping, no shit in retrospect. China, as example, is steadily pushing itself forward in gaining more military might in a world in which the glooms of the neocapitalistic military industrial complex of America are slowly crumbling away within its own set of dooms. My bet is that this will take time just like the Roman empire took time to dissolve into a vacuum of power. What happens during such regime shifts is important and where diplomacy can have an important role to play I think.

Befriending ones foe might be a long shot, so there are ‘lower’ levels of mutual beneficial relationships to explore before one sleeps with the enemy as a matter of saying. Rather then destroying one another, possibly ending in fields of collateral damage and unintended consequences, one can start with trade, a stalemate, or maybe octagon fights? who knows what might work as a passive-aggressive dance to avoid the collateral damage of conflict, and yet still find that sacred spot in which there continues to be a form of symbiosis in which 1+1=3. Having this ability would mean a lot in turning something apparently so negative into something meaningful.

This way, I think, even during harsh conditions, seemingly rival tribes or groups can maintain there own prosperity by, at least tolerating the otherness of others. Therefore, by saying, there are no good rationals, for example, the use of genocide, since multiple options are to be explored if it comes to drastic measures of diminishing ethnic minorities. I would say, more often then not, these differences are up to conversation, an intellectual, philosophical fight that has to be fought under appropriate conditions, a fair playing field, rather then resulting to massive industrial slaying machines to handle certain emotions. Hereby saying that I personally want to believe in a reality in which there are numerous options to be explored before rushing into Draconian measures and totalitarian tendencies for control in the midst of pure chaos.

Appropriate conditions for a safe philosophical arena could be;

  • Methods of communication
  • peacekeepers/mediators
  • Exploration of otherness by exchange students (personally, I have went with Europe, China, Mexico)
  • Trade, even if that is token wise, the symbolical strength of gift sharing induces a social fabric a.k.a. informal economies.
  • Shadow work of all parties involved
  • Mutual respect of cultural context and originality

Would be interesting to see how it could be possible to create such sacred spaces in which conflict does not have to escalate, but instead shaped into something constructive and beneficial for the greater sphere of human and natural life. Imagine all the productivity that can be generated from all that hatred if transmuted into something worth attaining.

With such outlines, there might be certain conditions created during harsh times in which certain freedoms of economic trade and entrepreneurship are protected, and, therefore, common wealth is protected. Due to the observable fact that what comes around comes around, reflecting on Elon Musk his current situation is that by free entrepreneurship things can be settled quite swiftly again. Hunger and famine, I think, are worse enemies to be overcome then the opposing party, the enemy or the next crusade. So by using a system thinking approach in matters of public debate or conflicts, one can discern a greater sense of how policy or social matters might affect natural and human systems within the greater society it is linked too.

Thereby saying, it is easier to think in peace about these matters when the stomach is filled!

So time to get some groceries or I guess start with that permaculture thing.

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