The power of continues self-appraisal

During our life passages, we journey into a realm of dealing with opposites. The main challenge of being human, is too know how to find unity within the diversity, harmony within chaos, peace during war, forgiveness when seeking revenge and the list goes on. Opposites of good and evil, the sinner and saint, the coward and hero, the weakling and warrior or the king and tyrant is duality toying our minds into longing for completeness, the end goal of oneness. These journeys are universal stories every walk on life is experiencing despite the family you grew up in or the culture that nourished your consciousness. When the opposites orchestrate our life, we are toyed around like puppets in a show, our psyches tormented in dual fragments, scattered in our energies, unable to focus and lost in confusion. It is this journey towards wholeness that which many seek, and many are seemingly lost with. The pilgrimage of the realisation of oneness within oneself, others and the world at large, are we all journeying in our own pace and fashions. Giving critique is easy when you are not noticing your own shortcomings. Therefore, the power lays within your own honest self-appraisal, the good sense of judgement or discernment of your own integrity or wholeness.

By minimizing our shortcomings and optimizing our strengths, we empower ourselves to stand tall under every adversity imaginable. It forms the backbone of your whole life plan and supports the weight you carry on your shoulders. The weight of choosing between opposites, struggling with integrity in our private, communal and professional lives. The weight shouldn’t be causing any form of agony, since this form of self-critique isn’t constructive but destructive. The weight should be stimulating enough to foster growth, understanding and prosperity in ones psyche and outer life. It is the thriving force of carving a path, not because you have a goal necessarily, but because you have principles you stand by with word and deed.

You are decisive, immediate, direct and transparent, not because you know the future, but because you know thyself. Knowing what to stand for, makes life a whole lot easier to go through. If you choose honesty, you discern a whole lot of manipulation, lying and deceiving that is happening in the current world. Therefore, knowing your code of ethos, makes life easier to follow through.

The soul seeks harmony.





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