The thermodynamic net sum of input and output. Why invest in such a high end technology when knowing it takes just as much energy besides the depth investment already to generate the same amount of energy? (post)modern stupidities;

  • working your ass off realising in your menopauze that you do not have the vitality anymore to live your real life.
  • Choosing a mortgage based on excitement and trust in the workings of economic models and your government, realising when your health is getting weaker that you will work your ass of just to get home in your little beauty prison.
  • realising that as a man you never learned any gymnastic ball tricks during your schooling.
  • Lack of energy work in schools in the form of yoga, tai chi, etc. These are additional courses, what is centralised are those courses and efforts that will guarantee the best working class for building the so called better future everyone seems to have a take on in the democratic mosh pit of intellectual life. Thinking and saying many things while not much is getting done. And that what is getting done are the safe options to please most. Not the best options.


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