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A mature world paradigm in my understanding of Latin Maturare – to be fruitful, would address at least the challenge of relationships with the direct self. Without addressing your direct relationship with yourself in our modern society it is very likely you live someone else’s life. Therefore, the challenge of finding the right relationship with the greater aspects Self, the core of who you are, is the theme that will stand the next 50 years I think globally speaking. Imagine everyone would at least grasp a 70% solid relationship with their true desires, inner passions, and motives for being alive, this alone would heal many depressions I think. At least, I can tell from personal experience and by observing others that healing the relationship with yourself first will make for a solid begin to heal and combat many of our contemporary challenges of boredom, depression and existential crisis. Thereby implying that this article is about thinking along the context of work satisfaction and self-employment. Self-employment does not necessarily mean earning an income right away in a traditional sense. To go in accord with who you are is reflected in your true activities representative for your passions, life projects etc.

As of now current developments in openAI are contributing to realizing an ideal like that if the Venus project when its not abused. Knowing for example that low end creative work like simple marketing posters could be easily replaced by that of an general AI and a smart user However, since this would remove the learning process to come to certain aspects or creative work, creative individuals can focus upon higher expressions of their creativity. I can’t fathom how AI is gonna replace jobs crucial for the learning processes in certain lines of work and skills like drawing and creative writing. What is imaginable is that AI will make life more automated, either enabling more free time to spend otherwise nor seeing it as a threat for your income. Either way it will force people to work on their creative genius in a way an AI can never do, to be oneself and to master one’s interests and gifts to share to the world. To have a sense of purpose in what you contribute rather then executing the next line in the same product or service cycle. One way or another, the 4th industrial revolution will enable and shake up new and existing patterns of being and working together.

Therefore, this article is gonna address the purple intervention/management colour in the onward for the fourth industrial revolution. See here a quick overview what I made to synthesise what Is important and what not looking at this development from the political interventionist mindset;

  1. A form of top-down causation. This basically means in system thinking terms that there exist some form a higher organisation a.k.a. the government that determines at some level the structure and landscape of the agents/civilians that operate life daily.
  2. Statement; ‘ecological citizenship will remain a myth as long as the price to be ecological remains a privilege for the rich’
  3. Due to proxy wars and resource scarcity like silicon, lithium, add, add, add ,add an incentive is made to formulate an one world government so that the highest number of people can participate in the 4th industrial revolution.
  4. It is generally agreed upon their exists some social contract for ones fellow beings, including ecological system’s to do no harm. So, with more social inequality and degeneration of common wealth, you would expect a stronger body of government to mitigate this.

questions that arise are; how should politicians serve the people in the paradigm shift into a more mature world by which the next industrial revolution can alleviate dole work from the labour classes and generate more freedom and wealth to pursuit things that help individuals self actualise more rather then less?

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