The spiders in their web of life


*so this is an old post, being 8 years older. I do revise older post, however, it’s also nice to see an original post with all its imperfections as well, since that is life as well.

” Black is the night in which spiders walk 

Carved into existence by the lady bug 

No wonder no one gives her a hug 

Black is the night in which spiders walk 

What’s the worry for all that chalk? 

Spinning its web into millions of dreads

Hiding in a labyrinth, waiting to be rescued

Is it up to us to feel this need? 

The need to set free those who are forgotten? 

Or is it merely a way of living, to be alive among the dead

To simply feel the pain of our ancestors,

This cannot be done unwritten…

The dark pages of the spider lady..

My wishes goes to the best of all. “

Much can be learned from nature if one can allow  the truth behind the green lie to come in to ones being. When one looks at a spider one cannot easily see their ‘reason d’être” for existence. A spider is creating its own piece of art in the form of sticky webs to catch its food. It is a simple way of living and yet often to complex for us to understand its potency. The spider is simply being alive and building its art with uttermost grace and simplicity. It is just spinning its web of life without having any expectation. Destroying its web does not matter and all will just start over again. This may seem as a foolish thing to do, because of the single minded routine it is following, however, in a sense, it is inspirational. Its instinct is telling humanity to do it all over again, and again and again.. for the sake of learning in and of itself.

Maybe it’s time to just shut of one’s brains from time to time and trust ones instincts for the direction of a lifetime. For the lack of a better word for instincts and how such a transference of useful subconscious signalling can occur is off course the whole point of the debate. Rather then trying to hand out a Westernized 10 step program about such fundamental questions of learning to tap into a broader spectrum of intelligence or NLP the shit out of people, I think it’s nicer to refer to spiders as an ancient metaphor that life does not need a raison d’être perse. Lets build ‘our webs’ of live without having any expectation of the desired outcome or judgement of the change that can occur. So unlike humans spiders do not have to make up their minds about the natural flow of creativity, they web along with it. We as humans still need to learn how to discern between true and false desires (MT) that resonates with your true North, that part of you which can be validated through practical life experience as true personality and as often said, shows up in a craft or lifestyle which becomes an extension of who you are. So when one has found it’s personal reason or motive for existence, only then can one start to cultivate the inner gifts that can be shared with others, even though like spiders, are we as humans part of this ancient type of inherited unconscious type of a flow of creation in creation itself, being created by and creating along the process itself. 

Humans can be those creators that act just out of the joy of creating itself since we are all part of an ancient heritage of enormous potential. So enjoying the creative process on its own and learning again how to tap into such states of being should be enough reason for us to exist. Why would we make it ourselves so difficult by contemplating all the time? Just live and be lived and enjoy your creative experience. Your joy and excitement for one’s life’s work represents who you are and works like a mirror. Your creative ability determines the amount you can give and, therefore, empowers oneself to equally receive as well.

For them spider buggers.

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