Hi speeder,

Being on a long bike journey myself, I can know by experience why it can be used as a method to raise one’s consciousness. Cycling over the hills in Denmark is one of the most peaceful and exciting things I have done so far. Although, wild camping is illegal, there are many places where no one, except your own paranoia will hunt you down. The ‘Haerjegen’ route is absolutely astounding as the pictures below will show you. The gletsjers moved fertile soil into the mountains, which makes the landscaping and vegetation rich and divers! Pilgrims, merchants and Vikings heading to war and/or trade have used the same route, and with a little imagination, you can feel and experience first hand how such a journey must have felt like back in the day.

At one point, my bike broke down, and I had to fix the tier completely. Fortunately, I had the luck that some locals helped me out and showed me one of the Danish shelters to base my camp for the night. Based at one of the largest meditation centres of Europe, this place had something magical, however, in retrospect also a very creepy feeling. People come here thousandfold to meditate and seek enlightenment… The value of hospitality is such a humbling experience, that travel can be seen as a way to raise your consciousness and practising ones virtues. Depending from which place you are coming from, can travel serve you in leaps of personal growth. Being in contact with the elements and passing ancient roads like the Haerjegen is mind bubbling and beautiful to experience.

Here are some pictures to give you an impression 😉

Pushup pain hut snaap.

Gazing in fire. Old vibes. Rocks on Ice. Riding in the past. DSC00507 DSC00486

This was my first trip I did where I ended up on a very peculiar but strong WWOOFING farm.

Beautiful and strong memories during this first and cold trip.

Highly suggest to try such a thing out, it can be very enlightening to experience a cycling trip in this fashion.

You can always ask me for advice or tips for bikepacking.

Other locations I traveled to by bike so far are Santa de la Maria – Southern france (on vibram toe shoes XD) and the city of and ancient pilgrimage to Rome.



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