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It is my ideal perspective that every human being walking on this very earth is capable of amazing feats. Why would you settle down for mediocrity if there is great potential inside each of us. Loving themselves is seeing your divine power that can help others grow stronger. By you sharing your gift you shed light for others to see.

The question is; how do you share that which is so unique for others and so well known by yourself. The following framework will help you in building an audience for your gifts.

This is a well known sales concept many people use AND abuse in order to get a message across:

I have had my fair share of experience with this during my times as a salesagent for Pepperminds Breda where I learned this for the first time by a guy named Wouter. Great times btw!


  • Attention – no gift has ever been unwrapped without any eye looking at it first. You need to find some way to get eyes looking at your direction. This is often were most people already make mistakes. They tend to be to shy or preserved to gain significant attention from those who might benefit from your gifts. I am not implying you should become an attention seeking individual, cause that will only create an unnecessary amount of eyes. Find the balance.
  • Interest – no gift has ever been unwrapped without being wrapped first. Giving away all of your gifts with full transparency will make people’s minds easily bored. The ego mind always wants new stimulation and, therefore, we have such a concept as innovation. Again, overdoing this idea will let people to feel like they are in some marketing trap. Nobody wants to unwrap 6 different layers of paper before they can finally see the gift. Find the balance.
  • Desire – no gift has ever been considered without being desirable. Now that your gift is unwrapped, it is naked for the eye to judge if it is desirable to use or not. Most people do not have mastered their desires yet and, therefore, very easily manipulated in becoming enslaved of it. And there are others who need an extra push to convince them of the value you want to give. The best way to do this is too make your gift personalized on the unique desires of your audience a.k.a. niche profiling. We have a divers range of desires, some bigger then others, and you need to take that into account by sharing your gift.
  • Action – no gift has ever been consumed without taking action. The physical act of doing something will eventually determine if your gift is consumed or not. Only then will we complete this cycle of transferring energy with each other. People need to get physically involved in consuming products like food, books, music and even arts. We need to move our bodies in order to listen to an artist in a city or to watch paintings in a museum. The giver at this step can make the receiver comfortable by removing physical actions. We tend to be creatures of laziness and most companies thrive on this by overcharging the receiver by making it comfortable. Action can also be understood by the word ‘allow’. The receiver of your gift needs to allow or take action on what you are trying to give.

You can clearly see now that many companies, politicians, governments and just people in general are abusing these methods in other to manipulate others. The root of the word manipulation means ‘manipulus’ in Latin. ‘Maniples’ were small groups of Roman soldiers. Those soldiers had to obey orders and were off course guided by the ‘manus’ or ‘hand’ of their superior.

So use this knowledge with wisdom.

Take care


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