The sunny warrior reckochatted

And There he comes, the mighty warrior,

Ready to unravel its sadness upon the earth, eager to learn,

Hungry for knowledge, by Christ accompanied,

What corruptness could be given in today’s shattered glass?

Or was it just a story, that he would only feel its own tragedy.

Reflected in the fragments of his past,

Recollecting the images of his own faults,

No worries can undo the damage done to the earth and its people,

When redemption shall forgo into a new being,

That which shall pass, shall pass, and that which shall be, shall be,

No damage can be compensated by apologizing,

The labor of the lords is as it is,

Cruel and just, to balance down the sheets,

Into infinity, up until all balances are checked.

Author: Kees Berg

I'm a practitioner of holistic healing, a student of social-economical systems and like to move around throughout the day to write during the night. Currently living in the beautiful city Breda. Hit me up on the street or come by for a visit at my place if you dare or find some other way, or just telepathically, depends on the circumstances. It is pretty hectic these strays. Can enjoy adventurous travels or just some couch hanging obviously with a nice snack, refer to exchange list.

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