The wraith of Lilith

No matter the mercy, fooly upon the common,

say it now, or say it never,

What has been done, is done, and, therefore this letter.

Tomorrow is a new day, a day in the making,

Shall she stay sane, as is the wraith her undertaking?

Danger falls upon the common,

Where she is hurt, she will summon.

Those evils that has been done,

Can’t ever be truly gone.

As we grow together, let that be,

As for in this letter, create the world

just a tad better.

Author: Kees Berg

I'm a practitioner of holistic healing, a student of social-economical systems and like to move around throughout the day to write during the night. Currently living in the beautiful city Breda. Hit me up on the street or come by for a visit at my place if you dare or find some other way, or just telepathically, depends on the circumstances. It is pretty hectic these strays. Can enjoy adventurous travels or just some couch hanging obviously with a nice snack, refer to exchange list.

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