The riddle of life and death, the dance of the muses.

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“There needs to be the possibility and visceral experience of discontinuity in order to have continuity.” – open for debate under sociocratical principles. 

‘This means that to thrive in life we perhaps need to understand and experience a form of ‘death’ through visceral life initiations’ before one comes to the realization that everyday is a ‘gift’the archetype of initiation is a good read for this – Robert Moore – If anyone wants a copy or lend this book, please come visit me or ask for a copy or explanation/review of the book.

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What we are currently dealing with on this planet from my viewpoint is that many are afraid of the prospect of death, which means you give it energy to persist by being afraid.  This is one of the tricks of nature, it wants to kill us slowly sooner or later, so Western contemporary society makes a problem out of this.

A little higher abstraction into why that may be; 

The so called ‘Kali Yuga’ of our time spirit is what it is; ‘marked with alienation from nature‘ and the path of the ‘Lucifer experiment‘, which is a valid path in the sense that growth can occur through pain rather then joy. However, since I am asked to figure out solutions for continuity issues, I had to make up my mind about it, since there exist no definite answers to this question, therefore, this research only ends until you accept the idea that material decay/death is inevitable. The idea is then to stop worrying so much about it, and be more intelligent about it, rather then smart. By focusing on how to thrive one attracts prosperity into his or hers life rather than poverty. This is simply an idea you can nourish by letting your ‘garden’ or subconscious mind do its work and attract possibilities for you. This is what the ‘law of attraction’ always does on an individual and collective level, otherwise it would not be a cosmic/universal law.

I did my best to have done some deep root analysis to come with these insights, since you kinda have to go deep down the rabbit hole for this one. I do my best to figure out discerned strategies and concrete plans that practically works in our age and time. So more about that will follow.

The above can open the question and awareness that humanity might be more then simply our biology. Even though everyone can have their own ideas about that in my philosophy, since this is the beauty of subjectivity. On the other hand, I think this time period is not a reason to start to rage even more war and launch the third big world war and start hating each other in devolution.

A different approach would be the pursuit of learning to understand each other’s diversity. Then one can enable itself to experience more unification rather then division. Or not! That is the adventure, drama, stage of life and Maya (play, illusion, drama, love, death, dragon et cetera et cetera et cetera, it is all part of our collective memory).

This stuff is hard to grasp intellectually, since these stories are always a rounded off truth, otherwise life would become dole and flat. From my viewpoint the human genome system is inclined to be highly sensitive EQ and aware actually, and I would like to suggest those who have continuity issues to activate their emotional guidance system, through the process of Catharsis. This can be done in any creative pursuit that enables the canalization of difficult emotions and memories to deal with. Sports, fine arts etc.

The book ‘the heart’s code’ goes into deep detail ‘why’, but also ‘how’ intelligent the electromagnetic fields of the heart is. Besides this intellectual approach towards the heart, are there many fine healers who can help those with trauma and deep emotional turmoil from an intuitive level. This intuitive level healing combined with modern day science is I think the ideal balance to not only be able to assist others in healing, but also being able to explain things. This website is an attempt for that.

Therefore, finding the proper balance within the human genome systems increases your changes of thriving and abundance to begin with and here I am also slowly going to share more practical knowledge about it, but that also comes in time. My holistic healing ‘programs’ will be a guideline, a tool, not an ultimate truth, since it requires great intelligence to help people with their individual health, instead of giving you a Westernized 10 step program without giving you sustainable results. Quality is key here.

I made it part of my mission to collect and figure out the practical knowledge of raising our energy levels through holistic health practices. Without health it becomes more difficult to be generous and giving for the environment. This is why Paul Chek uses the concept of ‘I’, ‘WE’, ‘ALL’ (I would add ‘beyond’ too). There needs to be a realistic view on how to stay healthy in our world, which isn’t easy. I would like to include a big further an say all that exist, questioning on what it means off course to be alive, to exist.

That being said firstly, from a quantum physical perspective;

‘There cannot be life as we know it without the polarization of opposing forces’

Some of these forces are maybe impossible to cognitively understand, but can only be felt. The heart and its emotional intelligence is much more sensitive for energy and electromagnetic energies and when we think in terms of energy you unlock all the secrets of the universe (Nikola Tesla).

Death is a natural and necessary ingredient in the drama of life, and without this recognition, life will be difficult in my opinion since that is what the law of attraction does. So all of this is inherently an unfulfilling answer to the question, since by thinking you can actually understand these things, life would probably kick you back on your feet sooner or later. Even if you decide to be a robot, life will give you surprises all the time. Being fully conscious is, therefore, almost an illusionary dream.

Well that is, off course, not what someone who is afraid of death wants to hear, cause all of this indicates our non-importance. And, therefore, I do my best to come up with better systems that can make the lesser obsolete, but only through consent of the participants in such a system, not through force. This is why I have difficulties with democratic decision making, since the Demos does not always have sustainable solutions for wicked challenges. By using Socratic principles in our collective decision making, we can filter out the best ideas for our societies perhaps by aligning quantum computing in the picture here and trafficking all the opinions of the agents within a society to gain a better image in what the socios is trying to say as a collective while integrating individual perspectives and their weight into the formula as well.

For the upcoming elections in 2021 I think this goes too. When certain principles of dialogue are used in group works then there can be a search for truth in cooperation rather then warfare and destruction.

Theories of nature;

‘Planet earth in its stable state is in perfect interstellar superposition with this solar system. So it needs very little in order to be abundant and thrive. It, however, needs US, as creative multidimensional human beings, collective race and carriers of this planet to have the right relationship with it. To learn how we can mutually benefit as a human collective as a carrier of this planet. So this indicates that we have a level of ‘collective choice’ in what our notion of a ‘good life’ is (Druids).

‘Cause you focus so much on continuity, the effect is that you will not continue’ 

This is hard to grasp for the Homo Economicus since again it requires a shift in consciousness to see and integrate that insight into one’s mental understanding of reality.

‘Carbon shines everlasting after having an intense intimacy with the difficulties life offers us’

This is my rational and a theory of the nature of ‘death’ and ‘life’. Life would be a dole game without facing the humbling perspective that dying cannot be escaped through more material means, since this will eventually put you on a neurotic path (which is valid, no moral judgments). Cause nature tricks us into believing that material pursuits will make use immortal, while immortality can only be known through actual ‘dying’ or allowing life to humble you, which has nothing to do with sheer willpower and thinking you can conquer the universe.

This wobbliness of reality is what scares the finest of all!

Even the transcendentalists among us,

This is all just a concept I am fleshing out through creative writing,

Based upon such ideas I am hoping to come up with systems for prosperity.

Hope it was in interesting read,

And as always, it is just a perspective,



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