The practice of eating wholesome food sources.

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Our alienation from nature has caused psychological imprints that are destructive to our biology. Toddlers often times get conditioned by artificial and processed foods that lack the vitality and nourishment needed to grow strong and healthy. This can create a destructive loop that can pass unto new generations to come. Lack of education and marketing propaganda deludes people to buy into the stories of the industrial food industry. I cannot emphasize the importance of a healthy diet enough for you personal needs. There are some general rules of thumb you can use to navigate yourself in a polluted world:

  • If you cannot pronounce the ingredients on the label, don’t eat or use it. (Paul chek)
  • 1. Eat as fresh as possible.
  • 2. Make sure you have access to fresh and clean water.
  • 3. Always make an effort to investigate the origins of the food you eat. Polluted grounds=polluted foods
  • 4. Make good use of your sensual intelligence to determine if the food can nourish you. Listen to your body.

Whole foods are not artificial and did not had the same heavy processed steps other foods had. This means that they make a conscious effort to preserve the freshness of the foods. Preserving the freshness will maximize your ability to absorb the nutrients and, therefore, increases your level of vitality and overall well-being. You will literally feel more ‘whole’ when you eat whole foods because your biological system is acclimated with it. Our bodies evolved in a climate of fresh and whole foods and not in an environment of processed foods with chemicals. (even though I would now argue that the human immune system is enormously potential in dealing with these things as well)

Since so many foods and drinks are not health promoting, it becomes very easy to do groceries. Just listen to your body while you are shopping for groceries and don’t fool yourself with all the superficial marketing. Your sensual intelligence can easily determine if a food is good for you or not, and there is actually no need to have a master degree in nutritional science before you can be healthy.

P.s. I am definitely not a perfectionist, I like to drink beers, eat chocolate, light up a good spliff up. So yea, I do my best to stay fit enough for my athletic disciplines, but I do not want to portray myself with this article or website as some sort of health freak.

p.s.s. While revising old articles I see that I really do not like my old style of writing. I try to keep it as original as possible so people can see how this website, my skills and this creative writing project has developed over time.

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Author: Kees Berg

I'm a practitioner of holistic healing, a student of social-economical systems and like to move around throughout the day to write during the night. Currently living in the energetic city of Breda. Hit me up on the street or come by for a visit at my place if you dare or find some other way, or just telepathically, depends on the circumstances. It is pretty hectic these strays. Can enjoy adventurous travels or just some couch hanging obviously with a nice snack, refer to exchange list. Which is a hidden pade obviously..... Cherios, Sneek.

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