To partake in the creative edge

If you see the beauty in life, you only want to add more to it. Unfortunately, most people life their lives like parasites, fearful of not having enough food, money, drugs, anything you name. Trapped in the human animal of conquer, competition and survival, do we make ourselves blind for beautiful insights. The body is simply doing its thing, trying to survive and to live another day and most of us are governed by this.

To partake in the creative edge, one has to learn about the body and its mysterious character. Not only to learn, but to master and understand its tendencies, impulses and needs. If not, you remain trapped in the human animal and never realize what’s beyond.

I think any holistic system of movement and lifestyle can help you in getting to know the body more. Being aware of its cycles and understanding them is the first step for using it towards creative endeavours. There are numerous ways to add beauty to this world, and getting to know yourself and the vehicle of your exploration is the very first step to start to be more creative and giving to others and the world.

Service originates from being firm and stable in your body first. Without enjoying this peace of mind by listening to the needs of the body it becomes impossible to use the higher faculties of the mind and to be of service by using our greatest gift; our mind and it’s creative potential.

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