Combining the lover into the warrior, while remaining lovely

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Small disclaimer here before different types of genders start to argue themselves to death. I rarely write about gender related issues because of the sensitivity of the topic. Therefore, I simply want to say I do not care which gender you are typified by. I do my best to see someone as he, she or it is, as it is. Hereby saying that energetically speaking we can all use different types of energies to work with our health, wealth, house, town et cetera. I think this is mostly due to how your relationship with the planet is, what types of strengths and weaknesses one or groups have to endure in order to survive and thrive within their ecosystems.

Fellow readers of the king, warrior, magician and lover, might agree with me that one start by exploring the lover archetype heavily during youth and slowly or quickly activate the mature warrior archetype in later years. I don’t think this is a general rule of thumb, since you also have these super disciplined kids who completely dominate everyone in their chosen craft when climbing out of the womb basically. Despite those ‘unique’ beings who seem to be awakened from a younger age to pursuit deeper desires,  are most folks exploring the lover in their youths. Meaning that one can be scattered of in all directions in the form of all sorts of stimulation like; sex, drugs, travel, interest, relationships and work opportunities. As a matter of saying; tasting the cakes so that one knows for which calling he or she wants to fight for later on.

It was Steve Jobs who said;

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know it when you found it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”

It is one of the reasons why I promote a well-rounded education or scope of interest, so that you can better decide where your biggest thrives or desires are. During my travels I have seen and talked with some people who have given up and did not seem to look any more for what makes them curious, excited and full of energy. Their nerves are numbed down by curses instead of blessings in contemporary society. Maybe you can relate with me that it can be vital for your growth that someone older you look up too gives you words of encouragement and bless you about your potentials and talents. These blessings could be that little push in which you find the secrets that lay in your heart. It can be that little push that gives you the courage to quit a job, work on your talents and keep on following that what excites you the most. Excitement is a genuine experience that for me represents some form of creative outlet that gives honest joy, the joy most children naturally portray. 

As long as the inner lover remains undiscovered, the warrior does not have a noble and/or compassionate purpose to fight for. Without knowing which wall to put them ladders, one can remain climbing someone else’s. This noble warrior energy needs to be properly guided and directed or otherwise it will be used for ill rather then good. The sooner one can know the emotional guidance of  one’s heart, the sooner one can train themselves to mature into the warrior they dream of to be, rather then to fight someones else his, hers or its fight. 

Like has been said above, I haven’t seen many young folks courageous enough to fully immersive themselves in the mystical journey of self-actualisation. Therefore, they lack the reasoning to train their body and character like a honourable warrior, knowing that it is worth it to remain healthy in order to experience the fulfilment of  such deeper desires . It took me a longggg (and still does) process of filtering, considering, trying, failing and looking within to define my mission as it is described on my mission page;

And even though it is pretty defined, I keep an open eye for things that excite me even more and gets my heart pumping, since I know that those feelings are priceless and worth more then any gold can offer you. The bad news is that probably nobody except for yourself can unlock the secrets that lay in your ‘heart’s code’.

Especially in Western society are we completely detached in many ways from these inner gems of self-knowledge because of alienation, bad role models and intellectual trappings in our ‘education‘ systems leading to great amounts of cognitive dissonance, making us unable to tap into the beauty and complexity that is all around us on this planet.

Education is just as much training yourself as it is to draw out that which is already within. The first is about vigorous training, the latter is about meditation as the etymology of the word is suggesting;

Spend some time in the garden‘ would Robert Bly say. Besides the lover, warrior, magician and king of Robert Moore, I also would recommend the book Iron John from Robert Bly who also talks about the challenges of masculinity in today’s society. Both have contributed to the men’s movement and, I think, are knowledgeable sources of information for mentor ship. The book Iron John has a beautiful mix of mythology, psychology, symbolism, anthropology, philosophy, poetry and imagery in which Robert Bly tries to cover the phases in which we can harness full masculinity again, without shame or guilt trips. Hereby saying that we all make mistakes. Woman perhaps typically in forms of chaotic destruction and man in ‘focused’ destruction(MT). Please excuse me if the language is not of your liking. I know English is limiting when one starts to speak about gender related issues. It might also be interesting for the ladies, since these archetypes are showing up in femininity and womanhood as well. However, even though I do my best to balance down energies that are either typified by man, it or woman, the language, in and of itself, could form some dangerous misunderstandings of what I am trying to bridge over here. 

Spending time in the garden is about introspection, figuring out who you are and taking it easy in your younger years. Go to a silent place in the park, just sit their and be in the moment. Listen and observe the thoughts in your head, and simply get to know yourself.

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