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Cycling over the ancient trade and war route of Denmark – Haerjegen – you might want to prepare yourself for a flat tier, and some spare parts including gear. Thankfully, I knew that my bike needed some maintenance sooner or later, and I couldn’t have stranded on a more beautiful and ‘spiritual’ place then Vrads – Denmark. The gletsjers not only created hills, but brought rich soil from sea level high into the mountains which mark the highest points in Denmark where temperatures can drop to Siberian conditions. While cycling this tour, I can imagine the hardships the Vikings and traders most have felt, while they were living back in the age. The rich vegetation and beautiful landscaping makes this an excellent place for a coffee shop in the little village – Vrads. Besides that, there are shelters available for pilgrimages who want to stay for one night.

People come here from far distant lands to seek enlightenment and guidance. Here is a link for the kind of teaching you can expect here. If you want to stay longer and dive into this school of thought (I made sure I got the hell out of their the next day off course) you can choose to do so if you volunteer and contribute in a loving way;

The shop is managed by 28 volunteers all year long, and have a great sense for hospitality for bicycler’s like me. It took me 3 hours to fix the tier, replace the wheel and balance it all out again. It would have taken me a lot longer if it wasn’t for the help of the local people out their. They had some extra tools I needed, and guided me to a shelter in the largest meditation center of Europe. You might call it good luck or simply a good sense of intuition, since I really needed to hide out for a night with access to water. The mountains out here can get really cold, and I had spend most of my energy in getting my bike smooth again.

All by all, I had a wonderful time in these mountains and looking forward to cycle it again when winter is coming! The coffee shop might not have the greatest coffee out their, but has a beautiful area with caring people jumping from every corner.

Check out these pictures to get an impression of the area and shop!

DSC00517 DSC00515 DSC00514 DSC00513 DSC00512 DSC00511 DSC00507 DSC00505 DSC00510

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