The other day I stumbled upon some reading which felt like a truth great enough to share it in a story here..

When thinking about waking up to events rather then by events, then it might sound a bit confusing.

It does, however, ring some sense in the way that waking up by events is being reactionary and, therefore, passive and waking up to and with events is creative and, therefore, active.

If it would be that humanity would be more awake and conscious due to critical events itself then there is no reason in having to make difficult choices. Seeing individual and collective action play itself out in worldwide calamities, owning those actions and using that ownership to infuse change is easily said then done. Therefore, waking up by an event means taking a more proactive and self-reflective stance into what can be done differently in ones realm of making choices to prevent a similar calamity to happen again..

So then waking up by an event is not really possible, since the purpose of big events like man-made natural disasters etc is to show the consequences of collective decision making for humanity itself and the state of the relationship we have with the planet at large.

Not owning that sense of collective decision making as a whole humanity means that there will continue to be this great tragedy of the commons in which little can be learned by the events itself if so long we refuse the call for action and change as a collective. What makes this in particular extra challenging is the cognitive dissonance that occurs to the non-linear dynamics of the human-nature relation. With reasons alone it is almost impossible to calculate how combined daily decisions and choices of people have an effect on the planet at large. Making it highly difficult to trace back individual responsibility or establishing something like ecological citizenship in coming up with measurable policies that use methods of either soft or hard control, like CO2 taxes or nudging practices to leave people no other choice then to make the more sustainable choice. Because it is too complex to pinpoint greater effects of global climate causation back to the level of nations or individuals, humanity is now forced to come together under one roof so to speak, and that roof is the planet itself.

Therefore, an economic catastrophe due to the restrictions corona impose could lead to more awareness how to organize a better economic system or it leads to using the same kind of thinking that caused many of the negative externalities to begin with.

Just yesterday I read that Amsterdam among other cities are perhaps experimenting with a new economic system;

It seems to be interesting to investigate, so I will try to use this website to share more insights in such potentially upcoming socioeconomic systems.

Hope it was an interesting read,

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