The farmer plows a field,

The chef prepares dinner,

The mother nurtures a child,

The athlete trains ones body,

The artist shares its craft,

The cycler, cycles off…

No matter our daily occupations, there is always a similar psychological struggle within ourselves.

The farmer accords his impatience to nature’s rhythm, becoming the patient and calm person he or she is now. The chef eagerly awaits the timing for the dish, crafting its own virtuosity in the act. The mother calmly awaits until the weeping child sleeps in her arms, acting virtuous in doing so.

All these metaphors illustrate the exact same phenomena one can experience as ‘growth’ in life. The real personal and spiritual growth lays in the virtue behind the acts we do on a daily base. So despite ones occupation, there is the same struggle we all share in confronting our personal fears and shadows. This is what can unite humanity and what can be uniting in the sense that each consciousness capable of having to make decision and choices is also bounded how to make decisions and choices. This is probably the struggle of dogs in that, yes, they follow humans due to the learning curve that can be gained in seeing other animals (us) having to make decisions and struggle with that.(MT). Interesting side note here what I still remember from my small apprentice in the most dull anthropological setting to study anthropology of, in my university curriculum it has been said that dogs, like cats, might live among us not subordinated by humans, but passively domesticating humans by the sheer power of cuteness. Thereby, saying that animals are learning from us as contemporary stewards of the planet, only to be seen if this stewardship could be given to some other lines of species that might become sentient and able to live in potentially apocalyptic climate changes that certainly always happen at some point in the evolutionary scale of sentience. Basically the universe is yelling the famously Rick and Morty scene in which eastern island faces challenge humanity to show them what we got xd

So when we come home after a long day of work, there is still the underlying struggle of coping with personal fears and hence maybe the Eastern islanders were so excellent in their inner game, living in a state of harmony that they just had a cool hobby of making stuff with rocks, so what, sounds more interesting then an office job?

So what matters more?

The greedy and impatient, but maybe rich farmer, that restlessly sleeps on its fortune at night? Or the more simplified farmer, patiently awaiting the fruits of its labor in peace of mind?

That being said, I think both matter, especially being born in power systems the way they are, one should learn how to navigate alongside this invasive systems of power in contemporary society as Michel Foucault has said that (bio-political) power systems can have pro’s and con’s. Investing time, money and energy in personal development by confronting those inner fears a bit more can have a great effect in performing better on the professional stage as well probably. On the other hand is having an societal and professional role allowing us to explore our individual challenges and dreams? Or is the demand of society too much to remain oneself? This is only a question one can answer for themselves.

So with everything there should be stability in ones own inner king or Queensland I believe.

What are your thoughts?

Let me know below!

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