Things are forgotten with the boredom of sensible life

Hoi lezer,

Vandaag weer een revisement van een oud artikel.

Every sensory input is stored, it depends on ones ability to access these inputs that one can remember great details of ones own life experiences. By not being fully present in the moment, one is not really experiencing life, but merely living in a less aware state, future or past alike.

Being stuck in this mechanical rot of anticipating the future or regretting the past, disables ones ability to access great depths of (un) and subconscious material. Call it an instinctive center in which we can access everything we have experienced(MT). By connecting to our so called biological memory, one can access great depths of awareness and knowledge. The cells of our body actually contains information as research into quantum-physics ( have shown what property water has besides being able to change in multiple different states. This is ongoing research so I can prove my own personal experiences more.

Water can hold unto information, and we are made primarily out of water. Paradoxically then, one needs to learn how to let go of the computer/brain paradigm in order to access the vastness of the bodily systems. Moving from science, slowly into the fields of quantum physics? or just not, but what I mean to say is that there is more to the human body then traditional scientists would argue to agree upon.

*Proof of concept still

Like pretty much most of ‘my’ material on this website is in continual reediting.

Not all is probably referred to yet, my sincere apologies for if someone notices that, I’m more then happy to reedit the materials that are not probably linked or sourced. 


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