In the most grim of situations, there is always some joker being able to crack a joke out of the situation. Either for the sake of enduring a dark phase through entertainment or just some honest belly laughs, is humour more than just making a well placed joke in the moment.

Without humour, one can say that everything is lost in the sense that we take life to serious, loosing the elixir of life in the process. If we can’t laugh about our mistakes and conflicts, then we haven’t done our reflections and remain stuck in a grouch for the situation. So what can occur when humour is lost and we find ourselves in the Sirius atmosphere of stiffening up our struggles in life?

Humour is not persé that one that doesn’t take something seriously, it only shows someone is capable of reflecting in a lucid and joyous way about their life situations or of their fellow men. Without that aspect of being human, without being able to laugh our pains in tears of joy or sadness, what is left of humanity besides a flattened appearance?

Humour is in that sense essential for healing our past, and especially the trauma’s humanity incur over time. Without being able to find some grace by using humour, our trauma’s would have a more dominant outlook in our lives rather then something that should be on the background. The centre stage is for us to occupy, to be the jokester of your own misery. To be able to do this can be extremely powerful in my experience. To hold your worst moments in the light of a creative perspective can not only burst yourself in tears, but also create some laughter to keep the spirit alive.

This on its own might not seem like much, however, when seen from a healing perspective, we would be lost without the fine touch of humour. It can make us realise that from a transcendental perspective it is not without saying that true laughter is of the gods. It requires some high level mind bending to turn a tragedy into a comedy and, therefore, a great part of the school of life in keeping joyous.

When taken too seriously, how can one truly thrive their life?

Therefore, being humorous is a sign of being alive, a sign that there is something unexplainable potent in the mere gesture of a smile.

With many of the things I write about, this is obviously easily said then done. However, when one is capable, perhaps not in the moment, but at least in the aftermath to laugh about otherwise intense life experiences like burnouts, breakups, near suicides what not, then this is a great sign of healing. A sign that the next challenge or similar challenge can be met with more grace, lightness of heart and perseverance.

Thanks for the read,

Kees Berg


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