What does ‘abundance’ means to you?

Riches, good fortune, abundance and prosperity are all words that resonate the same sounds. What we often see are the results and not the journeys of how abundance evolves in ones live. If we see someone with good fortune, we tend to be jealous or judgemental without trying to understand the reasons behind their prosperity. Calling it simply good luck isn’t always fair, because it might be much more then that. Fortuned people are fortuned, not because they are lucky, but because they called it upon themselves. They work in their realm of choice and do their best to be resourceful with the tools they have. Everything that is outside of their circle of influence they accept, whether it is bad or good. The difference is that they work within their own circle of influence instead of falling pray to wishful thinking or victim hood. Being fortuned requires a certain kind of character that can be develop. An unfortunate person can, therefore, remove the suffering of misfortune by working on what can be changed, rather then blaming that which cannot be changed.

It is the task of a good man to help those in misfortune – Sophocies

The cultural dogma around abundance is having a lot of resources, so many, that you are swimming in gold. Is this really what it means to be abundant, is this simply an effect of your state of being or are there more ways to explore what abundance means? You can be abundant in money, but lacking in freedom, understanding and compassion. You can be rich in goods, but poor in heart and well-being. What happens when you throw an fortuned person naked on the street, ripping away all his fortune? An abundant person in my view knows how to acquire the same state of fortune as before by being resourceful with his environment. There are many ways to be abundant and many ways to give meaning to it, but today I want to give you my version of what abundance means to me.

Being abundant is having the resourcefulness to use the tools at your disposal towards your maximum benefit. These tools can be absolutely anything that could be useful in accomplishing that what you want to achieve. The more resourceful you are with these tools, the more efficient you can be in reducing costs and, therefore, extraction of your environment. The more you need to extract from others or things in order to reach your goal, the more R.O.I. (return on investment) you need in order to be sustainable. The most innovative and resourceful companies and individuals know that the best way to make something obsolete is to create better models that are more efficient and effective in reaching the same or better results. Your quality of being resourceful as a character or company trait is, therefore, a great factor in how abundant you are in material terms.

Creating something out of nothing is a skill that can be practised and a great strength in being more abundant in our personal lives.

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2 thoughts on “What does ‘abundance’ means to you?

  1. Lucy says:

    Hey Kees,
    Interesting and inspiring site you have here
    Who channeled your Michael attributes and how does that interpretation of your soul level and features match with your own view?

    1. Kees Berg says:

      Hi Lucy,

      I think I will have to update this part of the website still. What is on there now, Shepherd channelled, and what I got now from Troy is quite a difference, slowly but surely I can tell and validate how the differences make sense. Big difference is the soul age and role, even though my first intuition when I got in touch with the Michael materials was me being mostly artisan and also old. However, I went along with the first channelling cause it also explained how I was in my daily life then. It is a process of self-validation in the end and a lot has been cleared up over the years through reflection, but thanks for pointing it out, haven’t maintained my site for a while. cheers.


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