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Have you ever played video games with friends on a LAN? The similar scenario is when you play an intense tennis game with a partner. How can true creativity be explained in group dynamics when all parties are immersed and excited to play? One would say such phenomena can be called emergent, showing properties typically prescribed like order from chaos, form shifting ant colonies, inventive pathways when there seems no choice to be made. True innovation in the supremity of the moment is what LAN is.

Other more spiritual orientated folks would call this channeling. A similar metaphor can be used how The Netherlands is using their relationship with water in beneficial ways. After 1000’s of years of experience in either going with nor against water, to LAN here is to find ways how to use a cosmic force larger then oneself, the ocean in ways that can be called co-creative and finding symbiosis with ones environment as an individual nor society.

In this article I wanna share some of my physical notes on how to channel; tips and tricks to put yourself on the right frequency to make the best out of the moment in your given craft nor passion;

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