When does your pan-dimensional journey start?

A deceitful, but useful tool is the human eye. Despite its importance for survival and being functional and all, can it limit our experience of being alive. What does it mean to be truly human, to be truly alive, a living, breathing being? These questions are often times answered from a purely scientific perspective, which is unfortunate, since reality is then narrowed by the width of the instruments of measurement. Life is then reduced to what we measure, without accessing other centres in our being from which we may experience life. This is similar to believing that who you are is defined by the stories of your society, and in doing so, narrowing your horizons about Self. These stories make up your character, your ego, your identity, and as result you won’t walk your own path, your own greatness, but instead a matrixed persona, a divided, shattered and splintered personality. Geniuses are born, not because they are unique, but because it is very difficult to break free from the illusions about oneself. A genius is not born out of hard work, but out of un-doing that which is done. People feel powerless, not because they don’t have power, but because they can only see one aspect of Self. If the person would be initiated on the pan-dimensional journey from a young age, we would have Albert Einsteins, Jezusses, Boedha’s, architects, artists, poets and writers all among us.

The more one can integrate from oneself, into ones character, the more he or she can share about oneself. The more we can share, the more we can create, the better our impacts, the greater this world. I often speak about the double meaning of education and if you its etymology well, you will find two meanings; training/schooling and drawing out which is already within.

Isn’t it the hardest thing to remain oneself in a world that is constantly trying to make you someone else? – Ralph Waldo Emerson



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