When men became machine

Some intellectuals decided that humanity needed an extra boost. People like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and all other marketeers and businessmen that implemented new technologies in our society, thought that it would be a nice thing to create unlimited abundance. The problems of food, security, energy shortage will disappear and mankind would be better of in the long rung. We would have more opportunity for pro-creationleisure time and creative pursuits would become a more common theme

Great, great idea! Except for one little thing that my friend Karl Marx introduced to me. Besides his chaotic lifestyle jumping around from one country to another, he lived a very poor, yet meaningful life. He saw that human nature tends to attach itself to its environment. It is not unlike the Eastern philosophy that said that attachment is the cause of suffering. He said that the alienation of the people would led to catastrophic disasters we are currently healing from and faced with. Our connection with nature is greatly lost because of our endeavours to manipulate nature and her resources.

Because people had to work vigorously amount of hours with a machine or tool in order to create the abundance we can all enjoy from now. The human psyche tends to attach or identify itself to its environment in order to survive. This is when men became machine, and men, therefore, became detached from empathy or compassion. A workaholic is an example of the imbalanced warrior archetype in both men and women. This archetype was necessary to move out into the world and to conquer nature. The shadow aspect of this archetype manifest itself in alienation from ones nature, empathy, inter relatedness or in general the lover archetype. The warrior without a subtle balance of the lover will be neurotic and destructive in nature.

To heal this we need to become one again. Getting out in nature (or what is left of it) can surely help to balance the drive to conquer and the feeling of oneness. Our planet is very dense in population right now and we put a lot of stress on the planet. The more people there are, the quicker the rate of acceleration of evolution. We have evolved with our bodies for a long time, and now we live in a time where this has increased exponentially.

If we shift our lifestyle towards a more simple and necessary based value system, then co-existence, co-housing etc shouldn’t be a problem at all. In terms of personal development and spiritual growth, often times you do not need a lot of stuff. It depends on your value system and the society you are born into off course, context matters. Big companies depend on your consumerism and will, therefore, expand there marketing efforts in order to fulfil your desires, not needs. 

So think about it? What do really want in your life? and what is necessary in order to fulfil that burning desire? 

This is the middle path, or the Tao. If your desire is true for you then you can have everything you need in order to fulfil that. Since the adventure of fulfilling life tasks and desires is what is causing ones evolution.



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