Who made this?

One of my tenets of life could be described as studying human culture. I have studied a business bachelor in The Netherlands and used that to travel and explore China. Studying foreign cultures and philosophies are on of my passions and I think it can enrich ones life by opening up to other perspectives and perhaps even being able to integrate the pro’s rather then the con’s of multiple cultures.

Besides my study objects, I am a fan of sports, cooking, nature and hanging out with folk in general.

If you want to get me and my work/art/play better, feel free to meet up with me on the street or at home.

Chatting is also just possible,

Even though I would argue that certain philosophical discourses are best in person.


p.s. I consider this website a co-creation. So please feel free to suggest sources to me if I have not referred my sources correctly according to you or feel free to find your own unique contribution to SOL, whatever SOL means to you.