Who made this?

For whoever reads the maker behind the maketh,

A short insight into who made this;

One of my tenets of life could be described as studying human and alien culture. I have studied a business bachelor MER (Management, economics and law) within The Nederlanden besides the usual theme of getting officials pissed-off in other disciplines due to my outlaw personality type. I used Avans to travel and explore China in my own style gaining a official certificate along the way as well, which made best of both worlds for me personally. Studying foreign cultures and philosophies are one of my passions and I’m confident that this can enrich ones life by opening up to other perspectives and perhaps even being able to integrate the pro’s rather then the con’s of multiple cultures. I also attended other official schools like practical philosophy which is a worldwide organization initiated as a response to the second world war. I also followed some sociology shortly in Tilburg university until I got another meltdown. And I also did anthropology in Nijmegen university until I realized again that the institutionalized setting of academia is not a fit for my personality type, dialling this back into the multiple intelligence theorem of Howard Gardner and why many fellow students suffer in their learning curves.

Besides my study objects, I am a great fan of sports, cooking, nature and hanging out with random folk in general or chilling in my Tomb.

If you want to get me and my work/art/play/study and life task better, feel free to meet up with me on the street or at home.

Chatting is also just possible, since depending on the shyness and aggression levels I like to keep a distance.

Even though I would argue that certain philosophical discourses are best in person or through the intranet.


p.s. I consider this website a perplexed co-creation. So please feel free to suggest sources to me if I have not referred to my sources correctly according to you or feel free to find your own unique contribution to SOL, whatever SOL means to you when one is LOSt. Drink some Tea..

I still feel SOL already went way above my own head, and I lost my cap, it flew away and I saw three purple balloons go astray, so I guess that’s a good sign since that is the beauty, strength and wisdom of a self-organising system in which creations continue on themselves. I, however, do my best to seek a fine order in the midst of utter Chaos. So the more the merrier?

With Love, Strenght and Truth,

Kees Johannes Berg


The Netherlands.