Be my enabler

Hi folks,

If you are inspired and supported by my work or make use of my originality or intellectual capital, that means you consumed a certain aspect of my work and life task. I consider the content on this site, besides the arts, disciplines and crafts I offer here and for R.E.A.L. part of my greater life plan, things I wanna practice and exchange in. However, this I cannot do alone. To realise that ultimate OG vision of intergalactic alignment in which my own perspective of a Sollisticity is just a building block or version into a greater narrative of a possible multiverse reality (permaculture, steampunk and/or cyberpunk themes combined) into which ecological boundaries are respected and maintained. What is a sky?

If you want to support the longevity of SOL then please consider to be my enabler and support my cravings for THC, snacks, coffee, tobacco or other sensations life has to offer. If you can come up with a better token then my preferences, feel daring to test my economical wit.

What is a snack?

What do you need to surthrive?

My list is;

– fine herbs, fruits, meats, carbs or other proteïne and snacks.

– THC, booze, Coffee, cannabis, tobacco

Jokes aside, including sharing other means besides that of money is a great example of an informal economy that can be studied. Also when applying a greater span of interpreting value and capital like in that of a six capital model. Triple entry bookkeeping would also take not of relevant events, changes in the value streams of all those different capitals. So to ask what do you need to thrive more in life is for me mostly;

– an art studio, materials, paint, clay, canvas, graffiti nor wall painting to pimp apartments

– Tickets to fund my research into New Caïro or other xenoanthropological avenues. Cause what does it main to relive the golden times of Egypt if it is not a tad odd and live by travel.

– surprise me using the content of this site in a proper way, or share your mistakes and lessons in the comments.

I will continue to be of guidance and assist or explain stuff through these blogs or in real.

I do not focus upon marketing and commercializing my offerings as an artist in great length due to the motive that art in and of itself should be expressed rather then priced. So if you are a good seeker and have the intelligence to understand what I am writing about, then you might get off for free for now and be one of the early birds. Since I do respect and value the few that find ways to master thyself and continue to follow their true passions during harsh conditions. And we all know that early birds rocket sky high after falling flat hard.

So take your shot!

If my cause had any positive and constructive effects upon your life and life situations, please consider to hook or fill me up.


I prefer to keep the stuff I wanna contribute in sort of unconditional for as long that is possible.

We are no one man’ s island. 

All the best,


The bagsnackdeck system; 9 values see householdrankingsystem, 3 entries, body, mind, energy, 7 layers of prestige.