A common misconception is that by having a strategy and a plan of action, success will be a guarantee, but the truth is that this ideology can be limiting in terms of creative success and that many plans are actually falling apart because the reality is too complex to create a plan that works. Look around in the study of biology, nature and animals. Their creativity and also complexity stems from a place of being and letting inspiration flow, rather than using a big brain to force things too happen, they use the inherent intelligence of biology itself. Maybe you have heard of the phrase ‘let nature speak through you’, ‘Pantha Rei’,  ‘go with your gut feeling’ or ‘follow your heart’. They all imply letting go of the idea that the brain is in control, and instead allow creativity to come into your awareness, instead of forcing it too happen. The book ‘the heart’s code’ is a great resource for the more brainy types among us to see how powerful the magnetic fields of the heart actually are. The electromagnetic fields are more wide, sensitive and expansive than the brain can ever create, and by not using these fields, we limit ourselves in the pursuit of knowledge, and, therefore, creativity. This is why ‘feeling is understanding’, a sacred feminine force that has been repressed in our culture.

Thinking ahead in terms of time is the great boon we can use in order to schedule a pick nick or what else, but it is also a deceitful tool that limits the options for unpredictability, synchronizations and coincidences too happen. The thumb of rule is that the ‘tighter a system, or the tighter your system of psychology, the more predictable you are’. The brain is just the tail of our evolutionary trajectory, and all thought mighty in its powers do we give too much importance for it. Not trusting the ancient old inherent neuron pathways in our ‘heart, gut and body’ is the epitome of ignorance that paints the face of today’s culture.

The only place to be creative, productive, giving and nurturing is right now. The only place to be, is now, and, therefore, creativity can only occur in the now. Since time is just an eternal now, you have to always be in the zone, in the now, in order to be creative, innovative and fresh. ‘To be or not to be’, people who are not present are living on automatism, habits and ingrained routines that when they become unconscious, can form great self-frustration in terms of not feeling alive, and creative, but instead de-pressed, bored and meaningless.

A plant doesn’t need a reason to grow and be creative, it just does by being here and now.

Every moment is an opportunity to do things differently and creative.



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