Why contribution matters

I see the world as one big garden where we can play and enjoy life:) Yes I am an idealist or more like a spiritualist! Anyway, 8 fine years later revising this post I would like to say it is horrible to read to some of these posts, yet thrilling to find something relevant perhaps for contemporary society, namely for the sake of contribution in and of itself.

So if we want to further develop our societies, creative pursuits and evolution, we need some systems and tools to sustain our biology and ecology. This comes in the form of your individual contribution. When someone has transcended his personal problems and his value have shifted from personal gain to collective gain, then he or she might consider sharing for the all.

Giving is also seen as the secret to abundance and wealth, because there exist a natural order of things. One who has a giving personality is allowed to acquire something in return. There is no possible way that a giving man can be poor…. (except for Nikola Tesla) you have exceptions on the rule off course. You need to have some intrinsic drive behind your work in order to give in abundance. We all have our own accumulated talents and skills we can use in order to contribute.

If we as a collective decide to only go for personal gain, then a society like today is impossible to exist. Our next step in our evolution is to transcend personal mundane needs and to pursuit a higher goal of impassioned action for the whole of humanity.

This will lead to further expansion of our species… Possibly to the stars!

Start contributing and enjoy your abundance:)

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